All NEW Ella Baché Salon Design revealed in Secret Harbour, WA

All NEW Ella Baché Salon Design revealed in Secret Harbour, WA

Emphasising sleek and minimalistic design, we have unveiled an innovative salon aesthetic, debuting first in Secret Harbour, Western Australia.

Central to the design concept is an elevated customer experience, meticulously crafted to highlight Ella Baché’s expertise in skincare. The modern design aims to cultivate a welcoming atmosphere with contemporary aesthetics, employing digital technology and streamlined elements to engage both customers and therapists, minimising clutter and enhancing the overall experience.

CEO, Pippa Hallas shared "We have always had our clients and their skin at the forefront of our philosophy. The new salon design, focuses on the client experience and showcases our expertise and our reputable products.” Pippa elaborates on this further sharing the strategy for this fit out, “Focusing on the client journey has led to simplifying the reception area and ensuring everything was intentional; from the digital screens, lighting, furniture, the reception desk, materials and colours; all elements effortlessly welcome, invite and communicate our point of difference which is our knowledge and love of skin”.

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As the proud owner of an existing Ella Baché salon and the visionary behind the newly designed franchise, Ella Baché Secret Harbour, Helena Annandale is a true entrepreneur at heart, and when she heard of the new salon concept, she jumped straight in.  

When asked on the opening of her new salon Ella Baché Secret Harbour, she commented that “It has been an exciting journey, explaining that not only is it a business opportunity, but also a chance to extend the renowned Ella Baché brand presence into new communities.” With Helena’s passion for skincare, beauty and helping others, Secret Harbour is set to become a haven of relaxation, rejuvenation, and revitalisation.

The reception desk, gracefully curved, seamlessly connects with the diagnostic tool desk by the product wall, facilitating an informed conversation about customers' skin needs, products, and services. Every aspect of the design is meticulously crafted with the customer's experience in mind. From carefully chosen finishes, a harmonious color palette, and thoughtfully selected furniture to strategic lighting, the ambiance is tailored to be both inviting and professional. Embracing a 'less is more' approach, digital media assumes a prominent role in this design, minimizing visual signage and reducing clutter in the salon space.

The mind behind bringing to life the new look, MorrisCo Design’s Alex Morris noted “We have been working with Ella Baché for over 15 years and it is inspiring to collaborate with brands that are loved and recognised as being leaders in their field. Every element of the design was considered from the point of view of the end user - both client and therapist. The focus on the new colour palette and material details made this a very rewarding project to be involved in”.

Stepping into a new era, we will be introducing elements of our latest design to create a consistent and unified experience across all our salons, embodying a central commitment to recognising and caring for the skin. As we welcome a series of new salons in the upcoming year, you can anticipate the widespread implementation of this design concept throughout Australia. 

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