Embracing Entrepreneurial Love: The Ella Baché Story of Graham and Ann Thatcher, Ella Bache Carindale

Embracing Entrepreneurial Love: The Ella Baché Story of Graham and Ann Thatcher, Ella Bache Carindale

As Valentine's Day approaches, we reflect not only on romantic love but also on the love we pour into our work and our dreams. Ann and Graham, the dynamic duo behind Ella Baché Carindale, share their journey of love, growth, and family in the beauty industry.

Finding Purpose in Beauty:

Ann, seeking new horizons in her professional life, stumbled upon the opportunity to delve into the world of skincare and beauty. With a background in business management and a deep passion for all things skin-related, the idea of opening their first salon was worth exploring.

The Appeal of Ella Baché:

Choosing Ella Baché as their franchise partner was a strategic move for Ann and Graham. The allure of starting their own business under a renowned national brand while enjoying the support of an in-house marketing and administrative team was compelling. Also being a national brand, assisted in giving them recognition that they could never have started on their own.

Navigating the Challenges:

Signing long-term leases was a daunting step for the couple, marking a point of no return. However, their faith in themselves and their vision propelled them forward. From humble beginnings, they evolved into multi-salon franchisees, weathering challenges, and embracing growth along the way.

Lessons Learned and Milestones Achieved:

Starting from scratch with a green-field site was no easy feat. Mistakes were made, but each one became a steppingstone toward success. Over the years, they expanded their salon group to five salons, employing over 50 therapists and managers and winning multiple coveted Ella Baché awards including the Gold Ella (Salon of the Year) and Franchisee of the Year. This achievement earned them the opportunity to travel and celebrate their dedication and efforts. Today, they operate a single salon with around 13 staff, reflecting on a journey marked by resilience and adaptability.

The Power of Family Unity:

What began as Ann's opportunity blossomed into a shared venture with Graham. Working together as life partners brought shared goals, unwavering trust, and a profound understanding of each other's strengths and weaknesses. The highs and lows of entrepreneurship became shared experiences, forging an unbreakable bond of achievement.

Lessons for Aspiring Couples:

In the realm of family business, boundaries blur, and dedication becomes a way of life. Ann and Graham's advice for aspiring couples is simple yet profound: recognize each other's strengths, set clear goals, and remember to switch off and enjoy life's simple pleasures.

As Valentine's Day dawns, let us celebrate not only romantic love but also the love we invest in our passions and pursuits. The Ella Baché journey is a testament to the power of love, resilience, and the beauty of shared dreams.

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