How To Find The Right Employee - And Keep Them!

How To Find The Right Employee - And Keep Them!

Attracting and hiring the right candidates for a position is vital to the success of your company for a number of reasons. While there are many things to consider in the process of hiring new staff members, below are our key consideration points when it comes to finding the right candidate for the job.

Advertise for your industry

While there are websites for advertising a wide range of employment opportunities, you will find that there are also recommended industry based websites to advertise employment to the relevant audience. Seeking the right website for advertisement will target the position to the right target audience. For example, the beauty industry has a website to advertise positions available –

While websites such as Seek offer a greater reach, the authenticity of your applications is compromised due to the congestion of positions advertised across all industries – using a target-specific website will look to provide more promising applications.

Commitment to their career

A person committed to their career is the candidate you want to hire. You want to avoid hiring an employee who switches companies too frequently, often to retrieve a higher salary. 

However, in the case that their resume displays a position or two where they had not stayed for a long period of time, a great question to ask is; what caused them to leave? There may be a valid reason as to why they ceased their employment and moved on – your business may be offering what they are looking for.

Once hired, it is important to offer your employees frequent performance evaluation, designated times where both parties can discuss issues they may be having in terms of their employment to nurture and avoid valuable staff members moving on to a new business.

Go beyond the resume

Move past evaluating a candidate merely on the basis of their resume and confidence. While most employers will have a probation period in place, a great strategy to hiring the right staff is to invite the candidate to complete a trial day so you can see their skill level, how they handle customers and whether they fit in with your company’s culture – an important factor in ensuring a team works to their best ability together.

Not only is a trial valuable to test whether a possible candidate is suitable for your team, but it is also an advantage to the candidate as they can see whether the position is what they want – lessening the risk of a new employee leaving if the job isn’t what they expected.


While you may have listed educational requirements for the position you are advertising for, a great question to ask is – how are you working to continuously improve your education and grow in your career? Are they looking to attend seminars or completing short courses online?

Not only will this display that the candidate is committed to their career and improving knowledge on their profession, but it will also ensure you are hiring an employee who is dedicated to applying the best version of themselves, both personally and professionally.

Hiring the right employee is a challenging process but will pay you in productivity, a successful relationship with your staff and will have a positive impact on your business. One of the benefits of deciding to open a franchise over small business is the level of support provided by the franchise and business management teams of a franchiser – including help to source, interview and hire the correct staff for your business.

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