Meet Jenny Gibson, owner of Ella Baché Brookside, Ella Baché Springfield, Ella Baché Chermside and Ella Baché Ipswich

Meet Jenny Gibson, owner of Ella Baché Brookside, Ella Baché Springfield, Ella Baché Chermside and Ella Baché Ipswich

From banking and finance to winning Ella Baché’s most coveted award, The Gold Ella, Jenny Gibson, the owner of 3 very successful salons, talks to us about her journey to owning salons in an industry she knew nothing about.

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What did you do before joining the Ella Baché network?

Before Ella Baché, I worked as a business analyst and project manager in the banking and finance industry. Worlds apart from the beauty industry I have found myself in today.

Are you seeking a career change?

What made you want to own a beauty salon?

I have always loved beauty. I spent time in England and loved the beautiful day spas in the countryside and just the feel of the industry, it always interested me. I also always wanted to own my own business, with the flexibility of being my own boss enticing.

Enter into the business of beauty

What made you buy a Franchise Salon, and did you look at others?

I chose to buy a franchise salon because I knew nothing about the industry and wanted the guidance and support that comes with a Franchise. Dipping your toes into a brand-new industry, it is so important to have experts to work with whilst you find your feet.

Ella Baché also had a philosophy that aligned with my own, around the skin being the core of its business and the delivery of beautiful products and skin solutions over the quick fixes that are now everywhere. I love that when a client goes on their skin journey with our salon, it’s about ensuring they are using the correct product, the correct way to get that beautiful skin rather than a filler or Botox.

Turn your passion into a reality

What were you afraid of when opening your own salon?

I was afraid of failure; naturally when you open a business you immediately want a book full of clients and the comfort of knowing your salon is thriving. But these things take time, a lot of work, and patience. There truly is no better feeling than being a successful business owner, with a brilliant team of therapists and managers, and a loyal clientele!

What do you like about being part of a network of salons?

Within the network there are so many great salons that all support one another – we are all on the journey together. Being a part of the Ella Baché network is like being part of a big family, which I absolutely love.

Find out more about our salon network

You now own three Salons, tell us how you manage that?

Yes, I now own Ella Baché Brookside, Ella Baché Springfield and Ella Baché Ipswich. Obviously, I can’t be everywhere at the same time when it comes to managing and operating these salons, but luckily enough, I have fantastic managers, who I give the freedom to make decisions for the salon. We work together to do a lot of the planning, but they are on the ground and running, they are the key to my successes.  

What have been your biggest successes?

Last year I won Franchisee of the Year and this year I won the Gold Ella, which is the biggest Ella Baché Salon award given. The team and I worked really hard, so we were very excited to take home this honor.

For me, this is just the beginning, the team and I will continue to strive to create beautiful spaces for our communities to come relax, unwind, and have all their beauty and skincare needs met.

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