Meet Sophie Jones, owner of Ella Baché Wollongong

Meet Sophie Jones, owner of Ella Baché Wollongong

Sophie’s love of the skin and skincare goes much deeper than just the surface, the love she has for her community, and the way they feel is what drives her to be a successful entrepreneur and create a successful salon business in the coastal town of Wollongong, NSW.

Sophie has always wanted to help people, initially she thought the best way to do this was by becoming a nurse, she soon realised it wasn’t a career for her. She embarked on a journey into skincare which has taken her from being a Beauty Therapist, to Manager and now the owner of Ella Baché Wollongong.

What has owning your own salon given you?

It’s given me a career I love whilst being able to have a family and be available to my family. It’s given me the opportunity to help the people in my community with simple ways to improve their skin and be happy with their skin and it’s given me the chance to have an amazing team who love coming to work and creating such a warm and inviting place for clients to come and be looked after. Ella Baché is still the only Australian family-owned Skincare brand that offers entrepreneurs franchise opportunities.

What have you achieved since opening your salon?

The biggest thing for me is being the destination for healthy, glowing skin. I want my clients to know they can come into my salon and get a solution for their skin concerns. To be honest, financially we are a profitable salon, which I am proud of, but mainly it’s being a place full of happy clients.

What would you say is the most important tip you could give a Therapist who is thinking about buying or opening a salon?

Learn everything you can whilst you work in the business, understand how the business runs, not just how to be a highly skilled therapist but understand what goes on behind the scenes. Understand how to best manage the staff, the clients, and just give it your absolute all. The other big tip is planning, get as much help as possible to understand how to put together a solid business plan.

Ella Baché franchise owners are never alone in their journey from day one we’re right by your side. Head office have a dedicated team of experts to ensure you and your team are armed with the tools you need to create a thriving business.

What do you love about being part of the Ella Baché network?

The support, not only from Head Office, which is always amazing, it is the support from within the network as well. Being part of a big family of Salon Owners and having the opportunity to share ideas and concerns with each other really does help you feel part of something bigger.

What’s next for Ella Baché Wollongong?

We are always looking to grow, whether it be in the salon or from a skills and knowledge perspective, we never stop looking for ways to grow. I feel very fortunate to be able to be part of a business that is constantly innovating and educating myself and the team on the latest products and treatments designed to create skin health.

Opening a salon can be a daunting experience but Ella Baché has created a tried and tested model that can help you open the Skin and Beauty salon of your dreams.

If you could like to know more about opening your own Ella Bache salon, register your interest here.

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