Blemish Control

Blemish Control
It’s a common scenario you might have come across - just when you think you are in the ‘clear’ in the lead up to that special event, a last minute pimple decides to join the party - well not today! Ella Baché HQ has put together a plan to cover all bases when it comes to blemish control, from diet to treatments to that all too important skin regime, we have the ultimate skin guide for you.

Practice Prevention with Treatments

In the lead up to that big event, book in your favourite active skin treatment. This will ensure your skin presents an even tone, with a dewy, smooth complexion. Combine a good exfoliation with a revitalising facial to stimulate circulation and improve the tone of the skin. Use a specific serum daily pre event, this will have your skin looking hydrated and plump from morning to night.

Things to Avoid

Avoid invasive skin procedures as these require down time and healing.
No Squeezing! As tempting as this one is, any skincare expert will tell you to never ever squeeze your spots. Squeezing will do more harm than good; when the spot is red, inflamed, sore to touch and filled with bacteria squeezing it will only spread infection and cause damage to the delicate skin within the follicle. A result of this, you’ll likely end up with more spots and potential scarring!
Diet: Time to cut the crap, eliminating as many stimulants as possible such as caffeine, alcohol, chocolate and smoking will increase the chances of that glowing blemish free skin.

How to Manage That Blemish Pre event

Squeezing that pimple will spread potential infection and leave the pimple looking increasingly red and irritated. We recommend looking into an overnight spot clearing treatment such as Ella Baché Crème Intex no. 2, a fast acting response cream that will help soothe, comfort and clear that problem area without drying. If that pesky blemish is still lingering during the daytime, a spot cream with tinted moisturiser is a good option as it will conceal the redness but also treat the blemish… talk about multi-tasking!



Cleansing is the most important step in your regime and skin health. Madame Baché once stated ;

“Your skin is the most delicate of silks and must be treated and cleansed appropriately”.

Cleansing will assist in removing dirt, grime and dead skin cells on the surface layer of your skin, preventing a congestion of pores, breakouts and premature ageing.


We recommend exfoliating twice a week to keep the skin fresh and silky smooth. Rub the exfoliant in circular motions around your face for up to five minutes; this will stimulate the skin cells, keeping your complexion glowing and radiant.


The benefits of serums are endless but be mindful when selecting the right one for your skin, we recommend heading into an Ella Baché salon for a skin diagnosis. Our Beauty Therapists will be able to determine the right serum for you whilst taking into consideration your skin’s hydration levels. Serums are fast acting and will have your skin looking hydrated and plump in no time… a must have for every beauty routine!


A vital part in maintaining great skin health, routine mositurising will help prevent dehydration and provide smoothness to the skin. Take the time and invest in the right moisutriser for your skin and you will reap the benefits!


Whilst cleansing, scrubbing and moisturusing are all imperative in a successful skincare regime, ​UV protection is the number one anti-ageing product available on the market. Ella Baché offer a range of sun protection products Super-charged with skincare benefits and anti-oxidants that help to fight against free radials, that are responsible for premature ageing. Invest in your skin and apply Ella Baché Great Facesaver SPF 50+ daily.

We recommend you have your skin diagnosed each season as ​it is continuously changing, head to your nearest Ella Baché or David Jones store today for a free skin diagnosis!

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