Choosing Skincare Over Make-Up

Choosing Skincare Over Make-Up
What’s a better compliment than, ‘Your make-up looks amazing!’? Being told you have great skin.

Make-up aside, a glowing complexion that is hydrated and blemish free is on the top of everybody’s beauty regime and we are here to help you achieve just that!

Now were not against make-up by any means, a beauty enhancer when applied properly works wonders. But at the end of a working week, filled with many meetings, many coffees and perhaps a few wines when Friday night rolls round, our skin is left a little worse for wear. Not to mention the daily pollutants and sugary goodness to pick us back up at that 3pm slump.

In your twenties your skin is bright; it bounces back faster with its elasticity still in tack. Your thirties roll round and you spend time looking back on your twenties thinking “my skin was great then - why did I put so much make-up on?” History is then repeated again in your fourties.

If you’re a lover of make-up but ready to invest in the skincare realm of life and say goodbye to those mornings spent powdering every blemish in sight, then these steps are for you:

Tint it –

Cost effective and it will last up to 4 weeks; you will never worry about smudged lashes again. This is a double win as you then avoid having to wipe your eyes day and night removing eye make-up… which in turn can damage the eye contour area!

SPF all day everyday –

Every single day - Sun damage is the primary cause of loss of firmness and fine lines in your younger years, protect it and in a decade you will be thanking yourself ten times over. Ella Baché Great Facesaver offers a powerful selection of super-fruit anti-oxidants to help guard ageing skin; it’s your daily defence against premature ageing.

Invest in the routine –

Skincare should be at the forefront of your daily routine, not makeup. A mistake too many of us easily make.

Where does it start? With skin knowledge, to create results that last. To achieve optimum skin health ensure you start with a professionally prescribed skincare routine which is then adapted to your everyday life. Visit a skin therapist to have a consultation on your skin and its needs, then map out a day to day plan to suit your skin and the products, as well as treatments it needs to truly thrive.

Don’t get us wrong make-up is great but it’s the skincare you should be investing in, book an appointment with your skin therapist today and begin mapping out your results to achieve that radiant complexion.

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