Ella Baché Cult Products & Why They're So Loved

Ella Baché Cult Products & Why They're So Loved
Every great beauty brand has their cult products with a following of true believers in their favourite products. New beauty trends will come and go, but you’ll always need your most reliable beauty favourites to come back to.

Great Sportsbloc 30+

Ella Baché Great Sportsbloc was first trialled by the lifesavers at Whale Beach when ​Ella Baché Chairman, John Hallas and his fellow surfers started talking about the qualities of a good sunscreen after noticing the ones they wore always washed off.

Sportsbloc was born in 1991 and quickly became a cult product among locals and surfers on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. It continues to be one of the brand’s best selling suncare products today and remains true to Madame Baché’s belief that prevention and protection are the first steps to healthy skin.

As one of the few brands to blend skincare and suncare, Ella Baché is in a unique position to offer customers trusted products that are continuously being innovated and advanced with the latest suncare technology

“One of our all-time favourites” - Sporteluxe

Great Tan Without Sun

Those who speak negatively about patchy tans, streaks & smelly product have obviously never put their mitts to Great Tan Without Sun!

Our formula has a similar consistency to moisturiser which glides on with a colour guide – ensuring you don’t miss a spot! Our product is enriched with cocoa butter and lanolin to protect against dehydration, so not only will you be beautifully bronzed – your skin will be soft & hydrated!

“Two thumbs up from a Tanaholic!” – Anna Bradley, Beauty Heaven

Standing alongside our famous fake tan is Great Facetan - a tanning hero for those who mean business when it comes to their summer glow, you’ll also avoid the clogged pores that can come with using a regular tan product on your face! Want a subtle glow? Add a pump of Great Facetan to your daily moisturiser.

Special Eye Cream

The skin around our eyes is the most delicate on our face, leaving it vulnerable to lines, dehydration, dark circles and puffiness from small things such as UV rays, rough removal of eye makeup, lack of sleep, diet and environmental factors. We should all invest in an everyday eye cream and our Special Eye Cream is the one our followers are talking about.

“It's the richest, most luxurious eye cream I've ever tried...
this particular product has kept those mid-twenties fine lines
at bay longer than nature ever intended” – Cherie Hermann, Beauty Heaven.

Floral Oil

There has always been talk about facial oils clogging pores and causing breakouts, especially when you have oily skin. When it comes to oil, the real concern should be the use of harsh, oil free products which will strip all natural oils from your face – resulting in your skin overcompensating in natural oil production, causing your pores to block.

Our Floral Oil is great for even the most sensitive of skins. With moisturising oils of geranium, jasmine, rose, ylang ylang and patchouli, it’s perfect as a cleanser for face to remove makeup and impurities while reinforcing the skins protective film, as well as a general body cleanser.

Want to get your hands on our cult favourites? Shop Ella Baché now.

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