How To Care For Your Make-Up And Skincare Brushes

With a plethora of skincare and cosmetics available at our fingertips we can often see ourselves paying a hefty price to keep on top of the beauty realm of life. But one thing is for certain when purchasing your make-up brushes you are looking into a long time investment. Cared for properly those brushes will last a life time and thankfully Ella Baché HQ have looked into a full proof way to make the most them!

What’s the perfect recipe for an unwanted break out? Unwashed make-up brushes, and it’s pretty gross when you think about it, we use them day in-day out and admittedly they are at the bottom of the cleansing routine! But it’s never too late to make a change, right? So we have asked around and gained insight to the best cleansing routine on the market.

Cleansing 101

Your make-up and skincare brushes should be cleaned once every fortnight (some more often and some a little less depending on how much they are used) and the best way to know when your brushes are due for a cleanse is when they are no longer soft and have visible residue left on them.

Use an un-scented bar or baby soap mix with lukewarm water to wash your brushes; if this is the first time you are washing them leave them in to soak a little longer as they may have a thicker build up. When washing with your chosen soap make sure you are gentle as to not change the shape of the brush – always avoiding the barrel below the bristles. Once you have cleansed and rinsed the brushes thoroughly lay them on a flat towel; leave to dry for up to 6 hours – fluff them prior to doing your make-up and you will have clean, as new brushes once again!

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