How To Tell When Its Time To Start Using An Eye Cream

How To Tell When Its Time To Start Using An Eye Cream
No time better than the present.

It’s an over worked term in the world of beauty that ‘prevention is better than a cure’ but that’s not to say it doesn’t speak the truth, and when it comes to the skin it so kindly has a subtle way of telling us….

Consider the slight changes around your face those new fine lines and slight dehydration, these are the early warning signs that the damage is true and it’s time to take action. So let’s up the ante in maintaining our beauty regime.

Here is your guide to the time is now


Now we talk about a beauty routine every day but most twenty something beauty goer’s regime rings similar to this cleanse, serum and moisturise with the occasional scrub if remembered, this may sound great, which to be true is pretty damn good but what’s missing could well be the most important step. As the eye area is the first to show signs of ageing it’s imperative we give it the attention it so dutifully deserves, it’s integral to protect this area first and foremost. With the eye area being the most delicate on the face start by using your specific eye treatment every evening, working up to twice daily… Chances are you will notice a difference almost instantly as your eyes appear brighter and more hydrated – like that golden feeling of a solid 8 hours sleep!


Anyone who has had a few late nights or found themselves squinting at a computer for long periods of time can tell you that the first place they see effects is around their eyes. The eye contour is a fragile and hypersensitive area that unfortunately is prone to dark circles, fine lines and puffiness which in turn can leave you looking tired and slightly older than your years.

Worry no mare as Ella Baché’s eye care range has a range of solutions that will keep your eyes smooth, hydrated and wrinkle free.


If you’ve missed your twenty something eye fix or you’re jumping on board the eye train now it’s never too late to start looking after this area. Prevention is key and we have a whole range dedicated to a smooth eye contour area.

SpiruLines Green-Lift Eyes

With a multi targeted approach to treating and preventing the signs of ageing. It helps deliver regenerative, firming and hydrating results to the delicate skin around the eye contour area for instant smoothness and refined texture.

Eternal Very Rich Reconstructing Eye Cream

This luxurious textured cream offers skin maximum comfort and cellular longevity. Bringing new found youth to pre- and post-menopausal skins by strengthening the skin matrix, all the while reducing appearance and formation of brown age spots.

Eternal Reconstructing Eye Gel

A powerful eye gel that delivers advanced line correction, intense firming, as well as reducing dark circles and eye puffiness. Eyes are instantly smoothed and plump. With olive oil extract it assists in speeding up the natural repair process within the skin by helping energize skin cells while nourishing, softening and protecting.

Eternal Restructuring Eye Cream

A light, easily absorbed cream with advanced ingredient technology that focuses on restructuring and repairing the skin around the eye. The ultra-hydrating formulation is packed with collagen boosters and antioxidants that firm and brighten the delicate area around the eye for optimum skin health.

If you’re unsure of which eye cream is most beneficial for you, head into your nearest Ella Baché salon or David Jones counter and have one of our skin therapists select one for you!

*Photo Credit Isabella Cornish

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