Kym Ellery Tells Why She Loves Ella Baché

Kym Ellery Tells Why She Loves Ella Baché
Perth-born fashion designer, Kym Ellery, is the name and creative visionary behind ELLERY, one of the fastest growing labels in Australia. It has achieved local cult status since it launched in 2007 and, in September last year, Ellery herself was the third Australian designer ever to be invited to show during Paris Fashion Week.
The label’s fans include Madonna, Cate Blanchett, Rihanna, Eva Mendes, Gisele Bündchen, Mischa Barton, Kristen Bell, Rita Ora, and Catherine McNeil to name a few, and you can often find ELLERY on the pages of Vogue or Harpers but, when it comes to skincare, Ellery is an Ella Baché devotee.

We had a chat to Ellery about her rising stardom in the fashion stakes and uncovered some of her skincare secrets.

What inspires you creatively?

So many different things along my travels. Above all though, I am continuously inspired by art. Growing up, I was surrounded by my mother’s art. She worked in textiles, printmaking and ceramics and I was often around conversations between her and other artists as they talked about techniques, composition and design development.

What’s your signature look?

It’s strong. The silhouettes are architectural and the aesthetic is a mixture of masculine and feminine. We love to create what we refer to as ‘a seamless urban uniform’ where we combine comfort with style.

What can we expect from your next range?

A classic and extensive range that is rich in both texture and wearability. Silhouettes will be sharp with many menswear tailoring references.

Do you have any skincare secrets you can share?

Yes, of course. My biggest tip is to always wear sunscreen. It is so important to protect your skin from the sun. Nothing has a more damaging effect.

What is your favourite Ella Baché product and why?

I am literally obsessed with the Ella Baché self tan for the face. I have used it on my face for years. It is the fastest and most natural looking product to immediately warm your face up. It is a must have for a glowing complexion.

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