Skin Science

Skin Science
The ageing process is an unfortunate part of life and something we can prevent when understanding the process both internally and externally.

Ella Baché’s in house Skin Therapist Hayley Fahd talks age defence, lifestyle factors and the products designed to combat those fine lines.

Everybody is aware of the external lifestyle factors that contribute to the common signs of ageing, sun and excess UV exposure, poor diet, lack of water and even one too many wines when 5pm Friday rolls round. But it’s what these factors create or even more so breakdown internally that people may not be aware of.

One of the largest factors that contribute to the damage of youthful skin is sun, our greatest pleasure can also be our worst enemy. Don’t get me wrong; sunshine plays a big factor on our lifestyle (particularly in Australia), not only keeping us glowing but also fuelling happiness to the soul. Like everything in life, balance is key and excess sun exposure without SPF protection plays a critical role in the ageing process of your skin. UV damage creates 2 very destructive chemicals in our bodies; these are called Reactive Oxygen Special (R.O.S) and Matrix Metallproteinases (MMP).

R.O.S more commonly known as free radicals are unstable atoms that wreak havoc on healthy cells by robbing them of balancing electrons. Destructive free radicals such as UV exposure, cigarette smoke and alcohol breakdown the supportive structure of our skin, resulting in static fine lines and wrinkles. With MMP’s predominantly caused by our beloved sun they specifically breakdown the bonds of our elastin and collagen fibres something we work so hard to maintain.

To reverse the signs of ageing and exposure to environmental stress, Ella Bache introduced SpriuLines, our state of the art Anti Ageing range enriched with Sprirulina, C-age, unique proteins, peptide complex and hyaluronic acid. At the fore front of the anti ageing craze these big named ingredients are designed to provide vitamins, minerals, nutrients and antioxidants that will overall maintain the skins health and leave the skin youthful and radiant.

Products to try:

SPIRULINES EYE LIFTING PATCHES | The advanced structure instantly plumps and enhances the absorption of active ingredients by creating a protective layer that keeps the eye contour area perfectly hydrated. Bio-Cellulose, with the special acting ingredients of Hyaluronic Acid, Caffeine and essential nutrients from Spirulina, work in perfect synergy to visibly reduce the appearance of ageing and visible signs of tiredness around the eyes.

SPIRULINES INTENSIVE RICH WRINKLE CREAM | An intensive rich treatment cream which helps to recharge even the driest of skins with proteins, vitamins, minerals and nutrients to visibly improve appearance and skin texture. A suitable day or night cream to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles using Skin Proteins, Hyaluronic Acid, Adenosine and Spirulina

Skin solutions as individual as you are.

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