Skincare Basics

Skincare Basics
When searching for the right skincare routine for you, it’s important to start with a basic routine before expanding into the use of serums, acne treatments or anti-ageing products.

Know your skin

Before you purchase any product it’s important to know your skin condition to ensure you are using the correct product for your skin. At Ella Baché we believe no two skins are alike and therefore encourage clients to get a skin diagnosis with one of our beauty therapists before starting on your new regime. This is vital as skin can change depending on several factors including seasonal change, age and diet.

Our team of beauty therapists use a diagnostic tool called the Truview which allows our therapists to “see into” the skin – an Australian first! Being mindful of your skin condition will make sure you don’t come into any trouble with irritations or any other side effects from using the wrong product.

“Know your product, but first know your skin” – E. Hallas

Cleanse and Moisturise

If you do anything, ensure you cleanse and moisturise. Everyone should have a cleansing product in their beauty routine which should be used on a daily basis. Deciding on a cleanser should be based on what is best suited to your skin. Use your cleanser once in the morning and twice at night - try doing this when you brush your teeth morning and at night to ensure you stay on schedule!

Moisturising after each cleanse is one of the best things you can do to protect and care for your skin. Your moisturiser should also be matched to your skin condition and the season as well – lighter in summer and heavier in winter when our skin tends to feel dry.

SPF Daily

SPF is your strongest and most important weapon for fighting against pigmented skin and the signs of ageing. Living in Australia, our sun has harsh and damaging UV rays. It is recommended to use a sunscreen which is broad spectrum and water-resistant. Always check the expiry date.

Nail down a daily, weekly & monthly routine

A daily routine should consist of one cleanse in the morning and two thorough cleanses at night to remove make-up and wash off the day’s dirt and grime. It is definitely recommended to reach for your moisturiser and an SPF daily.

Depending on your skin type, a weekly routine should consist of exfoliation once to twice a week. This ensures you are clearing away the natural build up of any dead skin cells as well as any oil build up you may have. However, be mindful that excessive exfoliation may cause irritation, dry skin and tamper with your skins ability to protect you.

Make some time for a face mask, whether it be once a week or every fortnight. Face masks come in many forms and serve a separate purpose depending on your skincare needs. Whether it is for unclogging pores, re-hydrating your skin or dealing with unwanted blemishes – your skin will love the extra attention. Your Beauty Therapist ​will advise the right weekly routine for your skin.

Your monthly routine should include an intensive mask such as our Extreme Regeneration Mask infused with Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen, which will intensively re-hydrate and give your skin back its glow. A professional facial treatment monthly will also help to keep your skin in tip top condition.

Find out your skin type today via one of our beauty therapists either online or in salon today!

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