The Fool Proof Way To Incorporate SPF In To Your Daily Routine

The Fool Proof Way To Incorporate SPF In To Your Daily Routine
With the harsh Australian sun beaming down on us all year round and a skincare routine that covers all bases when it comes to fighting free radicals: smoothing, plumping and hydrating - at what point do you squeeze in the most important part, a little SPF?

Are you doing it right? We look into SPF based foundations and the discussion on layering skincare and SPF effectiveness. Knowing the correct way to protect your skin from the sun while maintaining your regular beauty routine is as important as it is complicated and Ella Baché HQ are here to help.

Is SPF any less effective when incorporated into make-up?

We all know the rule of thumb when it comes to sunscreen; wear it all day every day. However that said the topic of wearing sunscreen with make-up is not so cut and dry. It brings up a series of questions and concerns for the day to day beauty lover. What level of protection do you need? Do we re-apply? Is SPF foundation enough? Is it necessary even in the cooler months? Ella Bache gives you the best tips and tricks for it all starts with knowledge creating results that last!

You’re safe because your make-up already has SPF in it? Wrong! A common misconception that your foundation will provide you with the protection you need is notoriously unreliable in terms of the level of sun protection. Plus, make-up isn’t always applied evenly and comes off easily, decreasing optimal coverage. Opt for a nourishing face sunscreen or high SPF foundation and apply every morning.

Cult Favorite: Ella Baché Suncover a light diffusing 30+ broad spectrum foundation to soften the appearance of fine lines and leave your complexion smooth, radiant and protected.

Is reapplying necessary?

Re-applying throughout the day is dependent on your activities. If you are sweating or swimming we recommend you reapply either your sunscreen or high SPF foundation at least once, but if you’re not getting wet it will last up to 6 hours.

Is it better to wear an SPF sunscreen underneath or over make-up?

Sunscreen should be applied after your moisturiser and before your foundation. For your skin to benefit from your moisturiser, apply it to clean, dry skin with your sunscreen to follow allowing up to five minutes between applications enabling the skins absorption process.

It is necessary to wear SPF during the cooler months?

Absolutely; UV damage happens all year round so a change in temperature should not hinder your dedication to skincare protection!

We all know the health benefits you reap when it comes to protecting your skin with SPF and if that’s not enough, let the anti ageing properties persuade you!

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