The Value Of Two Step Cleansing

The two-step cleanse is no longer negotiable, and here is why;

The end of a long day sees our skin bring home a host of new companions; pollutions, sunscreen, foundation, oils and dirt and believe you me these are not the kind of companions we want to stay into the night. These are the ones that need to be gone before we hit that pillow for a blissful slumber and 8 hour skin rejuvenation.

With your skincare regime down pat adding an extra step to your night time routine may sound less than pleasing but this is one you will thank us for later. Plus, what’s the point of the follow-up steps if those products can’t absorb the skin due to product build up and layers of impurities?

So, here’s how to do a double cleanse properly, and trust us there are no shortcuts...

The First Cleanse

The first cleanse is designed to wipe away the day’s build up without stripping the skin, that’s why it is imperative to choose the right cleanser and one that won’t strip your skin of its PH level and natural oils. We recommend Ella Baché Huile Aux Fleurs this oil based cleanser instantly dissolves stubborn make-up and removes any surface impurities; enriched with floral oils it will leave your skin feeling smooth and nourished.

TIP: Keep up your regular exfoliation but no more than twice weekly as over exfoliated skin will feel dehydrated and stripped from its natural oils.

The Second Cleanse

The second cleanse is designed to purify the pores and prepare the skin for the products to follow, once all the surface impurities have been removed by your oil based cleanser your second cleanser will now clean deeper while thoroughly nourishing your complexion. With many cleansing products on the market we recommend you talk to your therapist about the right cleanser for you and your individual skin needs.

Once you have adapted the double cleanse into your life the overall routine will most likely take a shorter period of time than it did to read this article, you will see your skin is primed and prepped for the continuing products and your complexion clear of nasty companions!

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