The Weekend Australian: Pippa Hallas' Beauty And Travel Tips

The Weekend Australian: Pippa Hallas' Beauty And Travel Tips

Our recent feature in the Weekend Australian features third generation CEO Pippa Hallas’ skincare tips and highlights our heritage of beauty innovation and personalised Skin Solutions.

At Ella Baché, we take pride in our rich history that blends traditional and modern skincare science. Founded in 1936 by the visionary cosmetic chemist Ella Baché in Paris, our journey began with an innovative spirit and a deep understanding of the skin’s needs. Inspired by the natural skincare practices she observed in Czechoslovakia, Ella utilised the potent amino acids from tomatoes along with vitamin C to craft her first groundbreaking tomato cream. This pioneering approach has defined our philosophy: to deliver personalised Skin Solutions that cater to unique skin needs.

Our commitment to personalised skincare is not just a practice but a promise to each client that steps into our salons. Our expert therapists understand that every individual's skin is unique, which is why they prescribe solutions that are tailor-made for you. We believe that real beauty results come from a personalised understanding of your skin, not just from following the latest trends.

Ella Baché has grown significantly from its Parisian roots, with the expansion led by Ella’s cousin Edith Hallas who brought her skincare expertise to Australia 70 years ago. Today, Ella Baché boasts over 120 salons and stores across Australia, along with an esteemed educational college. This expansion is a testament to our enduring commitment to quality and innovation.

Innovation continues to be at the heart of Ella Baché, inspired by Pippa Hallas’ global insights from cities like New York, Paris, London, and Tokyo. Whether it's the bustling streets of major cities or the serene escapades in the mountains, every experience brings forward new ideas that translate into our product development and Skin Solutions.

Experience the difference of personalised skincare and embrace the heritage that uniquely understands and enhances your natural beauty. Visit us in salon or online and discover why Ella Baché stands as a leader in bespoke skincare, where every product is an invitation to celebrate the beauty of being authentically you.

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