You Say Tomato, I Say...

You Say Tomato, I Say...
Nature’s Ultimate Beauty Booster!

They say the simple things are often the best and, in the case of the humble tomato and its big benefits as far as the quality, texture, luminosity and enrichment of the skin, it certainly holds true. We take a look at the characteristics that make this vibrant fruit one of the most effective ingredients in skincare.

Cellular support

Lycopene, the red carotenoid pigment that gives tomato its deep red colouring, also gives tomato its antioxidant credentials. It penetrates the dermis to neutralise the free radicals that form when UV radiation strikes the skin. Lycopene's powerful antioxidant action and ability to defend the skin against UV radiation are due in large part to its unique molecular design. Not only is it fat soluble, lycopene is also relatively small, making it easily absorbed when applied topically. While lycopene's sun protection is only equivalent to approximately SPF-3, it still plays a powerful role in protecting and repairing the skin.

In tomatoes, lycopene is joined by vitamin A and C. Combined, they’re a skincare super force, boosting the health of skin cells and helping reverse fine lines to create a smoother complexion.

Stay supple

Ascorbic acid, otherwise known as vitamin C, plays a vital role in skin health by helping your body produce collagen (a protein that contributes to the skin’s suppleness and elasticity), which thickens, protects and heals skin cells. The thickening effect helps your skin retain moisture and plumps up its surface.

What’s more, vitamin C is one of the best ingredients to tackle dark spots caused by skin pigmentation, leaving you with a brighter, more radiant complexion. Tomatoes are also loaded with B, E and K vitamins, which provide additional antioxidant and general whole body health benefits.

Banish blemishes

Tomatoes have a high level of acidity in their juice, which acts as a natural exfoliant and oil absorber. When applied to blemishes, the acid tightens pores, minimising oil leakage and effectively managing breakouts while also maintaining your skin’s pH balance.

Get fruity

No other natural ingredient can provide the comprehensive list of benefits that can be credited to the ever versatile tomato. With its ability to improve your skin’s texture, increase elasticity, create illumination, reduce blemishes, repair skin cells and prevent sun damage, look for products that recruit tomato as an active ingredient to enjoy a smoother, more glowing complexion now and into the future.

Ella Baché tomato based products

Madame Baché created a revolution with the use of tomatoes in her formulas in 1936. Fast forward nearly 80 years and our tomato based products are still among our best selling skincare solutions.

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