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Bodycare: Body Lotions and Creams

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Keep your body smooth and healthy with a body lotion

At Ella Baché, we believe in the art of looking after your skin with the utmost care and precision; achieving soft, radiant skin with body lotions that suit your unique skincare needs. Used to re-hydrate dried skin, soften rough patches, and replenish essential oils, regular use of body lotion can seal in moisture, leaving your skin hydrated and supple, even in harsh climates. Whether you’re dealing with chapped skin or rough spots, body care products can transform your skin, making it smooth, silky and delightfully fragrant.

Are there different types of body creams?

Indeed, the world of body care products is vast and diverse, with various forms of moisturisers like gels, lotions, oils, and creams, each boasting unique properties.


Ideal for oily or acne-prone skin, gels are lightweight, non-greasy and cooling, making them a great choice for summer months.


The optimal hydration option, creams are excellent for dry and ageing skin. They contain occlusives and humectants—ingredients that reduce water loss and draw moisture to the skin, leaving it soft and smooth.


Light and quick-drying, lotions provide moderate hydration. Suitable for normal to slightly dry skin, they often contain fragrances for an enhanced experience.


Perfect for dry skin, oils create a barrier that prevents moisture loss. Contrary to belief, many are light and enriched with plant oils that give skin a non-greasy feel.

Bodycare with Ella Baché

At Ella Baché, we offer a curated selection of body care products, perfect for a range of skin types. Here are a couple from our extensive range:

Floral Oil Face and Body Cleansing Oil

This light, delicately textured oil instantly dissolves make-up and removes surface impurities, while reinforcing the skin’s protective hydrolipidic film. The cleansing oil leaves your skin feeling calm, soothed, and soft to the touch.

Water Source Moisturising Body Cream

This rich and protective cream provides revitalising moisture for your entire body. Perfect for daily use, it restores moisture levels, leaving your skin feeling soft and supple. It also protects skin from external elements that may cause dehydration.

Suncover Great SPF50 Foundation


A moisturising and light diffusing SPF50 medium coverage foundation, which not only moisturises the skin, but also protects the skin from UVA and UVB rays and softens the appearance of fine lines and gives a flawless complexion Enriched with green tea antioxidants, jojoba and lanolin...