Spray Tan Home Treatments

Prior to your appointment:

  • Please complete the Consultation Form prior to your appointment (24 hours in advance preferably). This will allow your Therapist to personalise your Treatment to suit your needs.
  • For best results with your Spray Tan, please exfoliate your body 12-24 hours prior to your appointment. We recommend Gentle Enzyme Smoothing Body Exfoliant. We also recommend all hair removal is completed 24 hours prior to your treatment and please do not apply any body cream or deodorants the morning of the appointment.

What to expect throughout your Treatment:

  • Your Beauty Therapist will bring everything required to complete your treatment including products and a portable Spray Tan tent which can be sent up in your bathroom.  

After your appointment:

  • Avoid contact with water for 2-6 hours - your Therapist will advise you on a recommended time.
  • We also recommend loose-fitting, dark coloured clothing be worn after your appointment.
  • In the days following, maintain twice daily moisturising to extend the longevity of your tan, follow with an at-home tanning product that your Therapist can recommend.
  • If you have any questions in the lead up to your appointment, or after your appointment, please contact our Customer Care Team.