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3/119 Charters Towers Road, Hermit Park 4812

Townsville QLD 4812

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Established over 19 years ago, our Ella Baché Townsville salon has a history of offering the very best in beauty treatments as well as offering a complete range of Ella Baché products. Our aim is to ensure you have an enriching, memorable experience with our expert beauty therapists. We strive to give the very best service to each and every client with a personalised approach and individualised treatment solutions.


  • Ella Baché Hall of Fame Award - 2004
  • Ella Baché Queensland Business Development Award - 2004
  • Ella Baché prestigious National Salon of the Year Award - 2002

Treatment Offers


Through consultation, industry and medical recommendation, Ella Baché advise a 48 hour window prior and post any COVID-19 vaccination to having any beauty / skincare treatment. Microneedling services are not recommended 48 hours prior to COVID-19 vaccination and after a minimum 4 weeks, however ideally 8 weeks, post any COVID-19 vaccination. We are committed to the wellness of our clients at all times and appreciate your understanding with these recommendations.