Detox aromatique extra matifying cream

Extra-matifying cream
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Detox Aromatique Extra-matifying Cream

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A detoxifying and matifying moisturiser that hydrates, minimises pores, smoothes skin and creates a flawless, silky finish.
Active ingredients have been adapted to the new types of blemishes that are concerning both adult and young skins. Grapefruit seed extract, green zinc and lentil extract work naturally to regulate
sebaceous gland activity and maintain the skins sebum integrity creating a matte and satin finish, while boosting hydration. Micro pearls absorb excess sebum and have light reflecting power to limit 
shine for a longer lasting make-up application throughout the day; and Glycerin is moisturising, softening and hydrating. 

Product Details

Ingredient Benefits
GlycerinMoisturising, Softening, Hydrating
Grapefruit Seed ExtractsA natural antibiotic that builds the skin’s eco-flora by maintaining its prebiotic and probiotic levels to protect it from harmful bacteria. Antioxidant, antimicrobial, antiseptic, astringent, keratolytic.
Polysaccharides of Senegal Acacia GumExfoliating, limits excess sebum, refines pores.
Powder of matifying micro-pearlsMatifying
How to use Use daily, morning and evening. Apply 2-3 pumps, warm between fingers and pat onto skin. Avoid over stimulating the skin when applying.
blackheads and congestion
excess oil
infection and pustules
irritated, sensitive (red) skin
acne prone skin


PapayaDetoxifying Skin Solution

Detoxifying Skin Solution addresses any skin condition adversely affected by exposure to toxins and environmental factors.

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