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Hydra-Revitalising Repair Balm

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An intense skin repair balm that glides on and treats the most dehydrated zones of the face and body by bathing the skin with moisture. Ideal for treating dehydration caused by extreme climate conditions, air conditioning and air travel.

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How to use MASK: Hydra-Revitalising Repair Balm - Apply a thick layer on a specific area or like a mask over the whole face and allow your skin to drink up the balm for 10 minutes (please note that this does not dry).  Then remove with damp sponges or lightly massage into skin until fully absorbed. Apply 1 - 3 times per week


Pink+Lotus+FlowerAge Defence Skin Solution

Age Defense Skin Solution aims to fight premature ageing by using a combination of active ingredients to specifically target cell turnover, hydration and collagen production.

TomatoesRadiance Skin Solution

Radiance Skin Solution aims to brighten, hydrate and give a radiant glow to dull, lackluster, sun damage, hyperpigmented and environmentally stressed skin.

Splash+of+WaterHydrating Skin Solution

Hydrating Skin Solution aims to address the most common skin condition among all skin types, dehydration.

Age Protection Facial Treatment

Treatment Time: 1hr 30 mins

An intense anti-ageing facial treatment that corrects the signs of ageing and protects your skin against the damaging effects of time.

A double cleanse and deep exfoliation process using natural fruit enzymes dissolves dead skin cells to refresh and smooth the skin’s surface. The exclusive Age Protection Relaxing Acupressure Massage, is performed with vapour to relax and prepare the skin for maximum product absorption. Wrinkles and fine lines virtually disappear with the Age Protection Wrinkle Neutralizer, Plump-Up Massage Gel and Youthfulness Nectar.

Essential nourishment is delivered through key ingredients, French lavender oil, hazelnut, wheat germ, musk rose oil, squalane and white tea.

Your skin is left looking relaxed; fine lines are instantly plumped and saturated in moisture.

Hydra Cellular Renewal Facial Treatment

Treatment Time: 1hr 15 mins

An intensely moisturising facial treatment that saturates dehydrated and extremely dry skins with hyaluronic acid to visibly refine and revive skin texture.

Immerse yourself in a specialised massage prescribed according to your skin condition finishing with the Extreme Regeneration Mask for an ultra-hydrated, instantly brighter complexion that is smoothed, regaining its tone.

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Skin Diagnosis Required

Know Your Skin Before Choosing Your Skincare Products

At Ella Baché, we’re strong believers in the philosophy that 'no two skins are alike'. This means your skin has its own set of characteristics and is constantly undergoing change.

Having spent the last 60 years of providing individual skin solutions for Australian women and men, we’ve learned that a person’s skin conditions is the determining factor when it comes to achieving radiant skin.

We’ve also learned that many people simply don’t know their skin conditions – and for this reason, they struggle to find the right skincare products.

That's why we always offer a free skin diagnosis to help you understand your skin and ensure this product is right for you.

It takes as little as 15 min and can be done online here or at any of our salons across Australia.