BOLD Women - Lisa Messenger

BOLD Women - Lisa Messenger

Lisa Messenger is the ever vibrant, vivacious and game-changing CEO of The Messenger Group, as well as the founder and editor-in-chief of Collective Hub – a multi-platform entrepreneurial lifestyle destination with a mandate to disrupt, challenge and inspire. With bold thinking at the forefront of Lisa’s mind, her humble beginnings began with grit and resilience. Holding a strong passion in events, marketing, PR and publishing, she has now gone on to co-author more than 26 books and become a game changer in the start up scene. No stranger to making Bold Moves throughout her life, Lisa inspires and educates people on the daily, always reminding one that “anything is possible” – so, with that we welcome Lisa to our Bold Women series. With key life lessons delivered in spades, we have soaked up every single word!

There is no such thing as an overnight success – Eighteen years of hard work and dedication found me to where I am today, with years of experience in marketing under my belt I launched Collective Hub, a print magazine in a highly saturated market… I faced SO many setbacks along the way, from understanding cash flow and financials to supply chain and demand – not to mention everyone told me print magazines were dying. But, I had a vision and a belief that mindset is everything, what I could control was how I would respond to those setbacks and negative thoughts. I focused on my visions, and that was to ignite human potential and amazing people, I wanted to tell the story behind their story, to educate, inspire and shine a light on it – Within 18 months, Collective Hub was published in over 37 countries.

“As entrepreneurs our ego can tend to get the better of us, I find its better to start small and learn from it. It’s all about self-belief, how do you harness an unwavering muscle against it? It’s these learnings that have made me more bold, tenacious and confident in my journey. A learnt muscle, its important we make failure our friend.”

Your story is the most important part of the journey – Too many people are afraid to own their stories but sharing allows people to come on the journey with you, you must be authentic and relatable. I always tell brands to talk their story and heritage, what they stand for and their values… that’s where people will fall in love with you, because you become real and relatable – not just shiny and perfect.

“I strongly believe in rituals, discipline and meditation, to get my brain into gear Ill go for a run, jump in the ocean or get amongst nature – we all need a circuit breaker.”

My key tools to push people out of their daily comfort zones –

  • Be purposely counter intuitive on a daily basis
  • Challenge the western belief system
  • Challenge and expand your circle of influence
  • Focus on personal development
  • Constantly seek out to learn, take on the challenges and expand your wave of thinking

Always ensure you have an overarching purpose – My main hustle is print, business and events, and due to COVID-19 a lot of this dried up, this is where it become imperative that I pivoted. So, for 2020 I put my head down and created a series of books to educate entrepreneurs on finance, social media, marketing tools, daily mantra’s and ways to get the most out of their lives, it’s no secret people love tangible products… and ones that make them feel good. If I have learnt anything from this year, it’s to not get complacent, we’ve got to get out there and make things happen!

Every day I push the boundaries – This is how I choose to live my life, it’s a personal thing… I have a strong mindset and will try anything. I ensure to keep my life fluid; my purpose doesn’t change. For me, it’s all about embracing the fear of the unknown.

“To me, living a bold life is living out loud; sharing my learnings, and showing people that anything is possible. This is what drives me every day, it allows me to step into a bigger, bolder life, one that is bigger than me.”

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