BOLD Women – Mia Feasey, Siren Design

BOLD Women – Mia Feasey, Siren Design

In conversation with Mia Feasey, Siren Design and Pippa Hallas, CEO Ella Baché.

Mia Feasey is on the front foot when it comes to design, a true representation of someone who worked with pure ambition. Combine this with fearlessness and a head strong idea, she is now leading the way with one of the most successful interior design consultancies in Australasia, Siren Design.

To celebrate my BOLD Women series I sit down with Mia and discuss her ever evolving design consultancy and how she’s re-adapting and re-creating in these new found times. And yes, given the current situation I couldn’t help but pick her brain about creating the perfect at home ISO office. A true trailblazer, she embodies elegance and a whole lot of hard work in one incredibly bold women!

“I moved to Australia at 21 years old with 1000 pounds in my pocket, I was young, determined and had nothing to lose. Looking back now I was completely fearless and inspired by my mother who always told me: if you have to work do something you love, with people you love. And that right there, is what I set out to do.” – Mia Feasey

Mia’s Top 5 tips for evolving and adapting

1. I started this business amidst the setbacks – you must to keep moving. Setbacks are inevitable, but if you keep focused while steering away from distractions when challenges occur, you will make it out. Everything is a challenge and every loss is a win, and let me tell you, I love a challenge; I never studied business, but followed what I loved, so business was learnt by doing.

“The grit and the process, becomes the coat of arms, to represent life experiences.”

2. Philanthropy is the ultimate act of rebellion – The more you give the more you get back, as I’ve matured I have learnt that you need to use your vision and your purpose to do greater things, use your platform to do something big. I now use my creative work to push social and environmental changes - the two can work hand in hand if you have the core values.

3. I pivot my mindset to welcome the new change – My routines and structure remain the same and I ensure I play to my strengths whilst gathering a tribe around me, we all offer one another support. I am using this time to think outside of the box. The creativity, the messiness and the pressure are all working together to create a better result, it’s time to play offense rather than defence.

4. I have an open, honest and homegrown team around me – They come in as graduates and now run large parts of my business; it’s all about taking them on that creative journey and aligning their creative values with the pure embodiment of Siren Design. Interestingly enough my COO was in a band with me when we lived in London (we will keep that story for another day) - it’s like having all my best friends working around me.

“It is just as important to share our mistakes than our wins, we spend too much time focusing on failing. Every Monday morning me team and I sit together and discusses the wins and the losses, what we have learnt and how we can celebrate them.”

5. Style your home office based on the 5 senses – It is important to look at your home office in the same light as your 5 senses, what appeals to you? Set your playlist to ‘chill mode’, get a great scent diffusing the room and add texture and comfort; it needs to be everything that resembles comfort and creativity.

“In order to live boldly, try and understand how you can change your mindset, turning situations into positive reflections; it all comes down to mindset and creative thinking’s.”

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