BOLD Women - Summer Kane

BOLD Women - Summer Kane
In the latest installment of our BOLD women series, we sat down with Summer, the face of our September campaign. Summer moved to Australia from London when she was ten years old. A former contestant on Australia's Next Top model, she was signed to her current model agency at the end of the season.  Based in Bondi, Summer describes herself as happy, chatty, outgoing, an outdoors lover. So, to celebrate our Spring campaign, we sit down with Summer and delve into her skincare routine, career journey, and the BOLD moves she has made along the way.
Can you tell us a little about your skin story, background, or challenges and what has influenced your skin care routine today?
I was 10 years old when we moved to Australia. At the time, I did not see anyone who looked like me or had a similar mix - that was really hard as a young girl. Race isn't something that you can necessarily hide but it is something that I tried to hide. 
Over the years, I became more confident in who I am. Modelling helped a lot with that. I now know that if someone sees me in a shop or online, they may think “oh my god, she looks like me" and feel represented themselves. Something I didn't feel when I was younger. 
That is a big part of how I got through it. I love my skin; I love where I am from and I am really proud.
What has given you the courage or confidence to own your skin story or love the skin you're in?
Time - now when I do my skin care routine, it is not about how I look, it is about time for me. It makes me feel happy and has added to my self-love because taking care of myself each morning and evening has deepened my inner-connection and self-love.
What does being BOLD mean to you?
Having the confidence to show up as myself - "I am Summer, I am really loud, talkative, energetic and that is who I am."  


How do you maintain fresh, glowing skin with your busy day-to-day life?
I have a 15-minute skin care routine every morning and evening. Basically, cleanser every day, sunscreen, taking off make up at the end of day and moisturiser! 
What's your best skin tip?
Sunscreen. Sunscreen. Sunscreen! 
What is the boldest move you have ever made?
Wearing my hair curly!  This was huge for me as it followed a fifteen-year hate relationship - but now I love my hair ​and wear it curly 98% of the time.
Could you please tell us about your career journey and where you are now?
I was scouted for a TV show, Australia's ​Next Top Model, (I ​thought I sucked at it and was eliminated in the third week!) ​But at the end of the season, I got signed with the model agency that I am now ​with and have been with ​my entire career​ (around seven years.) When you start, you don't really know what to do, you don't really know how to talk on set or how to communicate with people and then after a little while it ​becomes second nature and really fun - I am here, doing this - and I am very happy!
Have you ever had a moment where someone has told you that there is something that can't be done?
Yes - I suppose it in school you are told that you have to be good at this or that you have to be good at math or go to university otherwise you are​n't going to be successful.  There are other alternatives and there is another path - and I can go back to school at any time. 
Having the guts to be bold, to step out, and to own your career journey is something we admire about our ‘Bold Women’. Did you face any setbacks when you started out?
So many setbacks! I was always the 'token,' which was a setback. At the start, you need to develop a 'thick skin' really quickly. You go to a casting, and you think 'this is the best job ever, I really want this' then you don’t get it. That happens 100 times and after that, you are fine.  Personal setbacks can take a toll on how you view yourself - I have found that I need to separate my actual self and my model self. As I am more than my career. I call it my model brain - which is how I look at myself when I need to go to work ​and keep the rest of me separate from that. 
What bold moves do you have planned for 2022?
I would like to try to travel and go on holidays, keep working, hopefully feeling even stronger and happier, ​feel like me but stronger.
If you had 10 seconds of insane courage, what would be the boldest move you’d make?
Mine is weird - I have such bad anxiety - I would just go to a shopping centre and not have a panic attack! If I had 10 seconds of insane courage, I would go to a busy street and feel safe ​and free without anxiety.
Lastly, what is your best advice?
Try to rid yourself of ​other people's expectations of you. Try to intercept those thoughts about what you ​think you "should" do and do what makes you happy.

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