Brow Shaping

Brow Shaping

Perfectly groomed brows will balance your features and improve your overall face symmetry, the right brow will leave you looking fresh, rested, young, healthy and overall, more attractive... ladies do we have your attention?

Hayley Fahd our in-house beauty expert weighs in on brow shaping and her quick tips and tricks:

When it comes to brow shaping its essential to know your face, and to work with the natural shape you’re given. Locate your starting points – beginning at point one which should be one inch above the inner corner of your eye, point two the arch directly above your pupil and point three the outer corner of your eye. Determine your thickness, always keeping in mind the age old beauty rule...less is more!

Brow shaping is very dependent on the person but for me I always ensure I lightly fill my eyebrows with a pencil prior to plucking, this way you won’t overdo it and will have a clear and concise shape to work with. Remove any unwanted follicles with a slightly slant tip tweezer; and unless you’re a routined professional plucker do not touch the top of your brows!

The arch of the brow should always be about two-thirds of the way out – one of the most common mistakes is a centered arch; this gives the dreaded rainbow shape... something nobody wants to be familiar with!

If you have the urge to cut your brows, don’t! The tail should at the very least end on an imaginary line from the nose to the corner of the eye, making sure it tapers to a crisp point (this will appear to give you face an overall lift, keeping your eyes wide and bright).


  • Shaping is a gradual process, be patient!
  • Like a  haircut, eyebrows aren’t a one size fits all
  • Tinting will give your brows a fuller look, opt for half a shade darker than your natural brow, filling in any gaps and discoloration along the way
  • Be very sure of the hair you’re going to pull out (I recommend professional waxing)
  • If you’re looking into brow feather or tattooing do your research!
  • Never get a spray tan and tint your eyebrows on the same night, the tan will take to the tint and turn those precious brows orange! 

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