Pippa Hallas CEO Of Ella Baché Talks Skincare And The Products She Can't Live Without

Pippa Hallas CEO Of Ella Baché Talks Skincare And The Products She Can't Live Without

There’s no denying the advantages one would receive when working for a skincare company that has products which are arguably some of the best on the market. Ella Baché HQ talks to Pippa Hallas CEO to find out about her skin care routine and the products she can’t live without. Her biggest piece of advice -

“You need to switch your skincare to suit the season. As we enter the warmer months ensure you concentrate on hydrating and plumping the complexion just in time for the Australian- Summer to hit!”


A perfect bronze tint that leaves my skin looking luminous while protecting it with SPF 50, it lightly tints, shimmers and evens out my complexion, radiating my skin for that healthy sun kissed look – I also use it as my tan extender!

Great Tan

This moisture rich tan provides me with a natural golden tan while leaving my skin feeling soft and supple. The best part about this tanner is it is pH balanced and stabilised so it delivers a natural looking tan adjusted to your skin.

Floral Oil

I can’t go a day without floral oil, enriched with oils of geranium, jasmine, ylang ylang, patchouli and rose, it leaves my skin feeling nourished. Whether it’s to cleanse off my make-up, wash away impurities from the day- to- day grind or to simply wind down in a bath it’s a product you need to have in your bathroom cabinet!

Resurface Peel

This peel replicates the effects of a deep exfoliation while refining the skins texture and diminishing the appearance of wrinkles and pigmentation spots. The pore refining effect will assist in the appearance of your complexion leaving it looking smooth and radiant. I use this product once a week for a one month basis, and then follow up with our Refining Exfoliating Gel twice weekly to maintain my complexion.

NOTE: When doing a monthly course of the Resurfacing Peel increase your SPF usage as your skin will appear delicate when exposed to UV.

Extreme Regeneration Mask

Complimented by the Resurface Peel this mask instantly plumps and hydrates my skin while creating a protective barrier, the ingredients to look out for in any moisture rich product is Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen both working in synergy smooth, plump and hydrate the skin.

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