Talking Bold and Backing Yourself…

Talking Bold and Backing Yourself…

Ella Baché CEO Pippa Hallas opens up about life after the free fall…. There are no case studies, data or history to guide us right now, your intuition is our guiding light. It’s time to learn to back yourself as there is no history to reference. Pippa shares her philosophies, learnings and experiences of how to make a bold move, which right now doesn’t have to be a big move.


Focus on what your intuition is telling you. There are no rule books, no history and no amount of data or modelling that is going to tell you more than your intuition right now. After the free fall that has just occurred, with home schooling kids (BTW the holidays scare me more than the school term right now), adapting to new work situations and ISO, what works for some, won’t work for others. One of my favourite books of late was “Becoming Michelle Obama,” a deep and personal account of Michelle opening up about her own self-discovery and offering so many thought provoking questions about how to really back yourself, follow your gut and own your story.


A little bit of crazy is exactly what you need. This is not a normal situation, so find your bit of crazy, it could be an idea that’s been bubbling away for some time now. There will be so many amazing stories of entrepreneurs that come out of this situation, as we are given the time to think, write and create. Talking to Lorna Jane about launching her active wear range reminded me that a there is a little crazy in all of us, that is waiting to come out.

“My boldest move (and I think one of my first) would have to be the day I quit the security of my full-time job to start making Activewear, a category that didn’t even exist at the time. People thought I was crazy and they weren’t afraid to tell me,” Lorna admits. “But you know what, maybe a little bit of crazy is exactly what you need to go against popular opinion and find the courage to make your bold move!“


So many of us are spending hours in front of a computer right now. Work Zoom calls, Zoom friends catch up’s, Seesaw schooling apps, it’s endless. My Posture has never been great, but unless I create a daily ritual for opening out my shoulders and ironing out the knots, I’m not going to come out of ISO in a good way. My facialist and masseuse have been shut down, so my new friend is a tennis ball. It might sound ridiculous, but starting day lying on a matt with a tennis ball under my pressure points on my back and shoulders for 5 minutes allows to open them up, centre myself, compartmentalise my thoughts and get rid of the knots.

Always remember that a Bold Move right now doesn’t have to be a big move…… take 5 minutes out for yourself every day, it will make all the difference.

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