Three Ways To Live a Bold Life

Three Ways To Live a Bold Life

This month, Ella Baché CEO Pippa Hallas launches her new book: Bold Moves. In this special blog series, Pippa will share her philosophies, learnings, and experiences of how to live a bold life.

To me, a bold life is a rich and abundant life; a life full of adventure, risk taking, and lessons learnt. And it’s this philosophy of living a bold life that drives me as CEO of Ella Baché, as Ella’s great niece, and as a mother of two young boys.

To be honest, I don’t consider myself to be bolder than anyone else but what I have learned along the way is that making bold moves in life takes focus and discipline. I’m also a big believer in surrounding yourself with great people, which is why I’ve dedicated a number of chapters in my book to guest contributors—all amazingly inspirational women—who are willing to share their stories and what has driven them to make bold moves in their own lives. But more on that to come. In the meantime, here are three ways you can begin to live a bold life of your own.


Focus on your choices and the bold decisions you make. It takes focus and a lot of discipline to show up again and again to fight for something you believe in. I wouldn’t say I’m a particularly disciplined person but I am definitely a person on a mission.

Always remember that the fear of failing will lead to a shift in your mindset and goals which in turn, will prevent you from living your best life—and we only get one crack at it.


Stand in your own space and not someone else’s. Living a bold life is living on your own terms, being guided by your own principles and beliefs. I have faced many crossroads in my life and it’s the decisions I have made where I have backed myself and owned my actions that have led me to where I am today, both in business and my personal life.

Thoughts of self-doubt may flood in but I continue to remind myself that this is the norm and breaking through that voice in my head is when the magic starts to happen. I try to embrace any feelings of being overwhelmed because they’re proof that I’m moving forward.


You don’t have to see yourself as a bold person, just an ordinary person who wants to follow their passion and make the most out of life. And be on the lookout for opportunities and moments of luck. They exist, so grab them with both hands!

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