5 Reasons Your Skin Will Love Masking

5 Reasons Your Skin Will Love Masking

We live in a world where defined seasons are no longer. And as such, our skin is having to endure extreme weather fluctuations, in addition to the changing environmental stresses we expose it to—think air-conditioning, pollution, and UV exposure.

One of the many things we love about masking is the visible difference it can make to your skin and all in the comfort of your very own bathroom. It’s a DIY skin must to work into your week and here’s why.

5 things we love about treatment masks:

1. Masking is the skin care equivalent of the restart button. Use your mask as a weekly or even twice-weekly booster to balance and condition your skin
2. Our masks address seasonal conditions like dehydration, dryness, or excess oil and target specific concerns and skin goals
3. Masking is a quick but incredibly effective at-home treatment that can help prolong those amazing professional results in between your salon treatments
4. Instant gratification: all of our masks leave skin brighter, firmer, and hydrated in just 10 minutes
5. The right mask helps to enhance the skin-refining powers of the products you use daily. When skin is re-balanced, you’ll find your favourite products are even more effective on skin.

Find your perfect match

We recommend using a treatment mask weekly as part of your at-home skin regime to help target specific issues staring back at you in the mirror.

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