How to Protect Your Skin from Blue Light

How to Protect Your Skin from Blue Light

UVA and UVB rays, everybody knows they are no good. So, we protect our skin accordingly.

But, have you ever heard of the damage caused to the skin by ‘Blue Light’ – a light that is emitted from the sun and our digital devices?

Blue light is also know as visible light and is now labelled the silent ager of our generation. With millennials now spending approximately 3.7 hours a day on their phone, which equates to 57 days per year of having your eyes glued to your device. It’s not just millennials either, look around and you and you will see that most of the population are checking their phones every hot minute they have free. It’s no wonder that we are now exposed to a significantly higher amount of blue light than we used to be.

So, what risks does blue light exposure bring to our skin?

Blue light causes oxidative stress in the skin, contributing to premature ageing. Just like an over exposure of UVA, blue light has the ability to penetrate deeper into the skin compared to both UVA and UVB light – you better believe it! Blue Light has the strength to penetrate all the way to our dermis, which is where our collagen and elastin live, the two things that keep our skin youthful and radiant.

Are you guilty of a late-night Instagram scroll, leading you to the black hole of nowhere? Or, even a Netflix movie in bed? Not only does blue light exposure compromise your skin, it also works against your circadian rhythm, throwing your complexion out of sync and leaving your skin cells thinking it’s daytime, in-turn impacting the repair process that our skin goes through in the night. The result? Visible signs of ageing, dark under-eye circles… and, increased tiredness.

So, it is time to distant yourself from your 24/7 companion and recharge your complexion? Give your skin the break it so rightfully deserves.

Antioxidant rich products, an absolute must:

Our Defence+ range is designed specifically for skin that is experiencing adverse effects from daily pollution, blue light, chemical and UV damage. Enriched with key ingredients of Red Tomato, Polysaccharides, Charcoal and Antioxidants they work around the clock to protect and strengthen the skin’s barrier function. This predominately builds resilience against the daily pollutions that attack our skin. Containing a reservoir of antioxidants, the complexion is restored to its optimum health, whilst repairing and clarifying the skins appearance.

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Practice phone-less hobbies:

It’s hard to imagine but we recommend taking up a hobby (or hobbies) where your phone isn’t required, read a book, join an art class… or layer up in SPF and head outdoors; not only will this recharge your skin, but it will also cleanse and clear the mind.

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