From Mum With Love

The second Sunday in May has us musing over the best (beauty) advice our mothers gave us. Our team from Ella Baché HQ share their favourite lesson learnt.

Pippa, our CEO:

“Growing up, we were active kids so Mum always instilled in us that if we were going to use one product all year round, it was to be a high-protection sunscreen. Protection and prevention was her mantra.

Pippa loves the Suncover Great 50+ Foundation: “It gives me natural coverage with the highest sun protection and it’s the best anti-ageing investment you can make.“

Emily, Digital Marketing

Mum taught me to never, ever sleep in my makeup – and always double cleanse. Good skin starts with a fresh and clean base, and I’ve lived by this for as long as I can remember. The first cleanse is to break down makeup and other product build-up, and the second cleanse is to get much deeper into the pores. My mum has fantastic skin at 65 so fingers crossed I’m on the same track!”

Emily loves 3-in-1 Radiance Cleanser: “It’s really lightweight and gently removes everything while keeping my skin protected and hydrated.” And Savon Adoucissant Cleanser: “I have oily skin and this gentle cream cleanser works perfectly for me. It leaves my skin clean and purified, without stripping moisture.”


Aimee, Marketing

“My mum told me to always listen to my skin and be aware of its condition. And to remember to update my skincare routine with the changing of the seasons.”

Aimee loves Hydra Créme de la Créme: “It’s my skin saviour against dehydrating conditions and leaves my skin glowing.”

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