How To Make SPF Part Of Your Daily Beauty Ritual

How To Make SPF Part Of Your Daily Beauty Ritual

Clever multitaskers delivering sun protection and coverage in-one-hit

These days, we’re all very well aware of the importance of wearing sun protection – for our health as well the long-term appearance of our skin.

That said, hands up if you ever forget to apply sunscreen? If you’re feeling sheepish, know that you’re not alone… We’ve also been guilty of running out the door without putting on our sunscreen.

After all, we’re only human and adding this extra step into an already jam-packed morning routine isn’t always easy to remember. Fortunately, we’ve got a fix that will ensure you never walk out the door without your SPF on again:

Try a foundation containing SPF. This two-in-one product will save you time, as well as ensuring that SPF becomes built into your day-to-day beauty routine (and isn’t forgotten).

Clever, right? If you’re after a product recommendation, we’ve got you sorted.

Below, we’re stepping through three of our favourite SPF-containing foundations for daily wear - so you can discover the one that’s best suited to your needs.

A tinted SPF with sheer coverage for a barely-there look: Ella Baché Superfluid Great SPF50+

What it is: If you’re hunting for a foundation with SPF but you prefer something with light coverage, Ella Baché Superfluid Great SPF50+ is perfect. It delivers a sheer tint to even out your skin tone and adds a touch of lit-from-within radiance while also providing SPF 50+. The formula is water-resistant for up to four hours and comes in four shades: Cream Beige, Light Beige, Medium Beige, and Dark Beige.

Who it’s for: Ella Baché Superfluid Great SPF50+ is suitable for all skin types and best for those after something with a light coverage base - if you prefer a sun foundation with mid-to-full coverage, keep reading. Those with skin that’s on the drier side will also love the hydrating benefits of this product.

A light-diffusing, buildable foundation with SPF 50: Ella Baché Suncover Great SPF50 Foundation

What it is: Love a multitasking beauty buy? Ella Baché Suncover Great SPF50 Foundation is a hard worker that provides hydration, coverage and SPF - all-in-one! Those who prefer a fuss-free morning routine will love how it streamlines your makeup application and how easy it is to apply (simply use your fingers, a brush or sponge). It offers medium-but-buildable coverage and SPF 50 to shield from both UVA and UVB rays. This one is also deliciously hydrating with Jojoba and Lanolin plus antioxidant-rich Green Tea Extract to combat signs of ageing.

Who it’s for: Ella Baché Suncover Great SPF50 Foundation is suitable for all skin types and is ideal for those who like a sun foundation with mid-level coverage.

A full-coverage foundation that won’t upset sensitive skin: Great Sunguard SPF40 Foundation

What it is: Those with sensitivity-prone skin will know all too well how tricky it can be to find a sunscreen that won’t cause irritation. If you’re someone in this category, a mineral – otherwise known as a physical - sunscreen will be your best bet. Ella Baché Great Sunguard SPF40 Foundation is made with 100% mineral sun filters plus Lanolin to moisturise the skin. It’s available in four heavily pigmented shades and gives opaque coverage while helping to protect the skin with SPF40.

Who it’s for: Ella Baché Great Sunguard SPF40 Foundation is a brilliant option for all skin types especially those with sensitivity who can’t tolerate formulas containing chemical sunscreens. Being a zinc-based formula it offers a perfect opaque skin tone, which is great for active and water sports and is a cult favourite amongst many professional surfers.

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