Masking 101

Masking 101

The secret to great skin? Masking, whether you want to instantly hydrate the skin, detoxify at a cellular level or smooth out those fine lines masks have become an essential part of our skin care routine on a solid weekly basis. Figuring out what type to use is a different story, Ella Baché HQ have mapped out your masks to help maximise your results with a few do’s and don’ts along the way.

Think of masks like your intensive weekly treatment, if you want results; don’t miss your scheduled dose. An excellent way of maintaining your skin routine and maximising that glow in between in salon treatments, every mask will fulfill a different purpose or remedial function such as hydration, anti-ageing or detoxification.


The Sheet Mask

Perfect for intense hydration and anti – ageing, sheet masks will treat the skin at a cellular level with ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen and Bio-Cellulose. The advanced structure of these masks will instantly plump and enhance the absorption of moisture to create a protective barrier and keep the skin perfectly hydrated. Sheet masks sit on the face for 15-20 minutes, during that time the serum on the sheet is soaked into the skin. Any remainder of the serum is used on your neck and décolletage, sleep with the remainder product on – the next morning you will see a fresh and hydrated complexion.

The Overnight Mask

Sleeping masks are great when you need a boost of hydration, generally when we enter the cooler months, the air turns dry. Although not for everybody, it will do wonders for those who are experiencing lackluster skin.  When you put on an intense hydrating overnight mask you are maximising the body’s repair cycle, a mask with anti inflammatory properties may also assist in flattening out any breakouts while you sleep – talk about multi tasking.. Wake up in the morning well rested with a hydrated and blemish free complexion!

The Cream Mask

A creamy vitamin infused textured masque that will alleviate dehydration and restore moisture to dehydrated skin, with the added benefit of improving fine lines and skins elasticity. Enriched with avocado and grape seed oils that provide the skin with complete nourishment they will brighten the most lacklustre of skins.

*Note it is important to know your skin as some cream masks may have the ability to dry the skin too, check with your skin therapist prior to application.

The Moisturising Mask

A must have for everybody, depending on the hydration levels of your skin this one can be used weekly or fortnightly, enriched with Shea Butter, oils and fatty acids they will leave the skin instantly brighter. Some may also contain arnica which assists in soothing inflamed skin.

Multi Masking

While we don't recommend layering masks, mixing is a different story. If you find you have dry skin that is also sensitive add a mask with arnica components to an otherwise moisture rich cream mask. All the while keeping in mind your skin and what works for you. If you find multi masking is beneficial work on precise target zones ensuring the skin is enriched with the product it needs.

The Do’s and Don’ts


1.       Use an overnight mask to repair the skins elasticity and hydration

2.       Apply an eye mask or moisture rich mask after a couple of glasses of wine

3.       Mix your masks to work on target areas


1.       Layer your mask – it will become to heavy on the skin and cause breakouts

2.       Use clay based masks on dehydrated skins.

3.       Leave sheet masks on for longer than 20 minutes.

 *Image credit 4th and Bleeker


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