More than a Mist

More than a Mist

The new generation of face mists are here. Anything but simple these spritzers with substance offer the skin instant regeneration, hydration and an all-round glow up. Applied after cleansing, over makeup, or throughout the day, face mists have now become an irreplaceable part of our day to day lives…and the best bit? Here at Ella Baché HQ we love them so much that we have rolled out 2 limited edition mists, promising all the glorified skin benefits plus so much more.

Your modern day spitzers are formulated with a range of key ingredients that promise to give skin anytime, anywhere an instant moisture boost. So much so that it has been proven to hold moisture in the complexion for up to 72 hours, but wait, it doesn’t end there – along with it’s over achieving ability to hold moisture, increase radiance and regeneration it will also work to balance the skins pH level; whilst fighting against daily pollutants and free radicals.


LIMITED EDITION White Fig Hydration Mist:
Think of this as the little sister to your Daily Hydration Mist combined with a fragrance that takes you to summers in the Mediterranean. Enriched with key ingredients of Hyaluronic Acid and Marine Botanical Extracts it will soothe, cool and hydrate the complexion… all from one simple spritz.

LIMITED EDITION Wild Berry Hydration Mist:
The crème de la crème of mists. Lightly scented with berries and citrus, this spritz offers the skin a plumping and protecting effect. A refreshing mist that is enriched with key ingredients including Hyaluronic Acid for hydration and soothing Witch Hazel, this will quickly become a handbag staple.

Daily Hydration Mist:
Just like the name, use this spritzer day and night (and anywhere in between). Designed to hydrate, protect and plump it is enriched with powerhouse Hyaluronic Acid and soothing Witch Hazel, allowing for a perfect moisture boost while adding instant radiance to the skin.

Rose Hydration Mist:
The perfect hydration booster, this refreshingly light and beautifully fragranced mist offers the complexion a spritz with substance. Forget dry, lackluster skin and use this mist to help build reservoirs of moisture in the epidermis. To be sprayed morning, night and noon – it truly is the perfect desk side companion.

Radiance C Antioxidant Mist:
The real OG when it comes to facial spritzers, offering a defensive blend of Vitamin C, Tomato, Pomegranate and White Tea Extracts this daily moisture boost will add instant radiance and brightness while counteracting free radicals against the skin.

Our Beauty Tip? With the ability to infuse the skin with key ingredients, these mists can be a great tool for setting make-up whilst adding a glow-like effect. To rapidly enhance the ingredients of your daily serum, infuse the product by lightly spraying the face after application which will allow for rapid absorption of each key ingredient.

A last note, with summer on its way there is no better time to start revitalising your skincare, from beach to bar these mists offer instant plumping and hydration – which is why we recommend keeping one in your car, handbag and desk drawer.

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