Rose Hydration Mist

rejuvenating, hydrating, illuminating



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Sweeten your day with the Rose Hydration Mist that provides an instant skin reboot and helps to prevent and treat long-term dehydration. A synergistic blend of Rose Hydrosol and super hydrators, including Hyaluronic Acid complex, Witch Hazel, and a natural Sugar complex, helps boost and retain moisture, delivers long-lasting hydration, and improves barrier protection.

Therapist Notes

  • With consistent use the mist builds reservoirs of moisture in the epidermis to assist in reversing dehydration
  • Perfect for revitalising travel-weary skin, adding lustre to makeup throughout the day or refreshing moisture to correct the skin’s long term hydration and balance pH levels

How to use

  • For the utlimate hydration boost, spritz the skin after your Serum and before applying your moisturser
  • Hold 45cm from the face and close eyes and mouth before misting evenly over the face and neck
  • Reapply throughout the day to refresh makeup


  • Rose Hydrosol tones, brightens, smoothes and uplifts the skin
  • Assists with moisture retention and reduces the occurrence of dehydration
  • Marine Botanical Extracts energise the skin and strengthen the protective barrier to avoid moisture loss
  • Skin is saturated with Hyaluronic Acid to visibly refine and revive the skin while leaving it refreshed, plump and glowing