Restore & Rejuvenate with These Four Anti-ageing Ingredients

Restore & Rejuvenate with These Four Anti-ageing Ingredients

Ask any beauty lover and they will tell you that results-driven products come down to one thing – the powerhouse ingredients behind them. And, this couldn’t ring truer when it comes to the Ella Bache Eternal+ Range; enriched with a host of exclusives along with re-generation and re-densifying ingredients, it is designed to lift and firm contours, smooth lines, and intensely rehydrate and revitalise the complexion.

Rich in ingredients that work systematically to defy the signs of ageing, we have broken down each luxurious product and enlisted the ingredients that make them the over-achievers that they so rightly deserve to be.

RED ALGAE – Vibrant red and rich in proteins, vitamins and antioxidants, red algae have outstanding moisture-retaining properties that assist in not only the promotion of a healthier skin barrier, it also contours, hydrates, and sculpts the complexion. With its ability to re-densify and volumise the skin, this marine gem will fight the signs of ageing whilst replenishing the complexion.

Product to try: Ella Bache Eternal+ Sculpting Serum, designed to tone, lift and firm the skin it takes a complete targeted action again the tell-tale signs of skin ageing with advanced ingredient technology that supports instant contouring, lifting and firming of the skin.

ENCAPULSTED DIAMOND POWDER – An ingredient with a name like that is sure to pack a punch, right? The answer is yes, the ability of diamond powder is to gently exfoliate the surface of the skin to instantly minimise the look of stubborn pores and pesky fine lines. Boasting skin invigoration by removing surface old skin cells it allows for a brighter, more radiant complexion.

Product to try: Ella Bache Eternal+ Day Cream – Luxuriously soft, this dream cream has been designed to instantly soothe and stimulate the skin – with a powerful combination of results driven ingredients it reveals the 8 signs of youth including a visibly firmer, healthier and remodelled looking complexion.

ROYAL JELLY – The use of royal jelly has been long celebrated in both traditional and modern medicine, and with its unique ability to regenerate, replenish and restore the complexion it has now become a fan favourite amongst skincare lovers as it promotes collagen and elastin enhancement, allowing for a youthful and rejuvenated skin.

Product to try: Ella Bache Eternal+ Night Cream – A dream cream (literally) that has been designed to do all the work while you sleep, it instantly softens, comforts and protects the skin. With a powerful combination of Royal Jelly, Hyaluronic Acid Spheres and Micro Collagen your complexion is stimulated at a cellular level allowing for a more rejuvenated and nourished feel.

OLIVE OIL EXTRACT – An ingredient that is widely used all over the world for many different purposes, Olive Oil is literally overflowing with skin benefits. From preventing moisture loss, to fighting the signs of premature ageing this powerhouse ingredient is rich in vital vitamins A,D,K and E as well as squalene that improves the speed up of the natural repair process by stimulating energy, allowing for a smoother, more radiant and nourished complexion.

Product to try: Each product from the Eternal+ Range features a variety of results driven ingredients, this inclusive of Olive Oil Extract, so, take a fresh approach to your skincare and head into an Ella Bache Salon for your complimentary skin diagnosis – as they say, prevention is better than a cure ; and we guarantee a range like this will leave your skin resembling that of your former 20 something self… only better!

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