Sensitive vs Sensitised Skin

Sensitive vs Sensitised Skin

It can be difficult to draw a line in the sand here. The evolution of at-home skincare, and the rise of invasive skin procedures has seen a sky rocketed amount of us reaching for acids, retinols, and serums – of which we dutifully apply layer upon layer. And don’t get us wrong, we are all doing it with our best skin in mind… but without the right knowledge (and skin therapist) there becomes a time when we can be doing more harm than good.

Have you ever applied a product that has left your skin itching, burning, tight or dehydrated? Thus, leaving you assuming your ‘sensitive’ skin can’t handle the product? Well, the good news is, you’re not alone. And this right here, is where skincare junkies become unstuck – as there is a big difference between ‘sensitive’ skin and ‘sensitised’ skin.


Sensitive skin is naturally reactive skin, and most likely something you have battled with for years; many who experience the true woes of sensitive skin will say it doesn’t take much more than certain foods, pollen, dry air, acids, and retinols to send your complexion into a downward slope.


Sensitised skin, to be put quite simply is effectively an injury to your complexion; your barrier function to be exact. Most commonly it is a result of overstimulation to the layers of the skin that have been broken down due to excessive lasers, peels and even retinols.

While ingredients like acids and retinols can literally work magic on many complexions when it comes to removing dead skin, increasing cellular turnover, and improving the overall look and tone of our complexion, like most things in life, its all about moderation. And, when it comes to results driven active ingredients, we recommend building up your tolerance, slowly and sensibly; whilst ensuring you incorporate products that naturally stimulate your barrier function – in turn, allowing it to protect your complexion.

If you do overdo it, educate yourself and contact your skin therapist, with knowledge at their core they will be able to ensure that you are choosing options for your skin that are non-stripping and nourishing, ensuring that the microbiome is supported.

So, regardless of whether you suffer from sensitised or sensitive skin it is imperative that you switch your skincare to suit the seasonal changes, and if your feeling stuck head to your nearest Ella Bache Salon for a complimentary skin diagnosis… this will enable them to formulate the right skincare routine for you.

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