Smooth, Sculpt, and Restore your skin with Eternal+

Smooth, Sculpt, and Restore your skin with Eternal+

Chances are, your skincare routine looks somewhat similar to what you were doing in your thirties, and we dare say for some of you, your twenties too – and although any type of routine designed to look after the skin is a winner; once we hit our forties our complexions require a fresh approach, loaded with results driven products enriched with collagen and anti-ageing properties.

Welcoming your forties, brings many monumental moments, but the first signs of visible ageing is not one of them – so with results driven products and powerhouse ingredients in mind we introduce you to Ella Baché Eternal+, the ultimate in anti-ageing skincare, it combines a powerful range of skin re-generation and re-densifying ingredients designed to lift and firm skin contours, smooth lines, and intensely rehydrate and revitalise the complexion.

Sound to good to be true?

Trust us, it’s not – read on as we break down your new age-defying routine one product at a time.  



Start with a serum, and if we may be so particular, we suggest starting with Ella Baché Eternal+ Sculpting Serum, really the name says it all but after one simple sweep across the face this light and easily absorbed product instantly begins to tone, lift and firm the complexion, taking a complete targeted action against the tell-tale signs of skin ageing while our advanced technology supports instant contouring, lifting and firming of the skin.


We all know the power of a good mask, and Eternal Instant Ultra Rich Creamy Mask is no different – a silky, smooth treatment mask boasting dual functions with key ingredients Myrtle Extract and Olive Oil offering a powerful fortifier and overall rejuvenator giving your complexion instant vitality. Worn as a treatment your skin will be left nourished and comforted, doubled as a pre make-up complexion enhancer it will work systematically to correct the skin tone and reduce age spots.


What’s one thing you need to maintain glowing, radiant skin…Hydration. Come your forties, this golden rule doesn’t change, but, once we reach this age all those moisture trapping molecules in the dermis begin to diminish, signalling warning signs in the form of volume loss and increased fine lines. With a surge in moisture loss and potential dehydration, it’s time to treat yourself to a luxurious day cream, one that provides your skin with instant nourishment, bringing us to Eternal+ Replenishing Day Cream. Enriched with four premium olive and myrtle extracts from the Mediterranean basin it will instantly smooth and stimulate the skin, whilst encapsulated Diamond Powder gently exfoliates the top layer revealing 8 signs of youth and a visibly firmer, healthier complexion… In short, it’s a day cream that’s basically a genie in a bottle.


We get it, a day and night cream probably leaves you wondering what’s the difference between the two, but for best results we recommend following on. Night creams offer benefits that promise to work on your complexion while you blissfully sleep – whether that be an overnight mask or a collagen packed night cream these products do all the hard work without you even having to lift a finger. So, soothe and hydrate your face with Ella Baché Eternal+ Night Cream; enriched with Hyaluronic Acid Spheres, Micro Collagen and Royal Jelly, your complexion is stimulated at a cellular level allowing for a more rejuvenated and nourished feel.



For skin showing prominent signs of dehydration and ageing we recommend Ella Baché Eternal+ Reconstructing Very Rich Cream – Opt out your day cream for maximum comfort against dehydration, enriched with OmegAge+ and Myrtle Extract to target all signs of ageing your complexion will welcome re-found youth while naturally repairing and firming the skin.


Nothing illudes to a blissful eight hours of sleep or even a month long holiday quite like an eye cream – and Ella Baché Eternal+ Beautifying Eye Cream promises to deliver just that; beauty enhancing and enriched with OmegAge+ it restructures the visible signs of ageing around the eye contour, whilst delivering advanced line correction and intense firming.

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