The Dos and Don'ts of Double Cleansing

The Dos and Don'ts of Double Cleansing

Not just a Summer skincare essential, double cleansing deserves to be a part of your routine, year round. But first, we’re sharing a few essential Dos and Don’ts on how to cleanse the right way for your skin type and condition.


Consider your skin type and condition.

Oily and combination skins and those prone to breakouts or acne respond really well to daily double cleansing. It’s also ideal for active types who exercise and women who like to wear a lot of makeup. Double cleansing (which is a two-step approach to purifying and prepping your complexion) helps to remove excess oil, bacteria, sweat, and makeup and keep the skin free of congestion that leads to breakouts. If you have dry skin or are prone to sensitivity then consider a double cleanse every few days.

Start with an oil-based cleanser or balm first.

Your first cleanse is all about removing the remains of the day (such as sunscreen, makeup, sweat, and pollutants) effectively but gently. An oil-based cleanser will break down surface grime and lift it off the skin without stripping it of its natural oils or disturbing the delicate pH level. Take the time to massage it into the skin well, working upwards and outwards for a thorough clean.



We love Floral Oil Face & Body Cleansing Oil. Enriched with floral oils such as Jasmine, Rose, and Geranium and nourishing Lanolin, it leaves skin feeling smooth, clean, and refreshed.

Follow with a milk or cream cleanser.

Now that you’ve removed that surface layer of sweat, grime, and makeup, a second cleanse will enable a deeper clean to purify the pores, re-balance natural oil production, nourish, and prepare the skin for your favourite evening essentials to follow.




We’re switching to Lait à Démaquiller, a rich, creamy cleansing milk that’s perfect for the Winter months and super nourishing for dry skins.


Be obsessive.

It’s not necessary to double cleanse twice a day. In fact, over cleansing can irritate and upset the protective barrier of the skin. Your morning cleanse can be as quick and simple as a single cleanse in the shower. Taking the time to do a thorough double cleanse in the evening will not only remove your makeup and the daily build-up of bacteria that sits on the surface but it will balance and prime your skin for the active ingredients in your serum and moisturisers to do their best work while you sleep.

Stick to the same cleansers all year round.

As with all your skin care products, it’s important to look at your cleansers seasonally. Your skin responds to your environment and your lifestyle; heat and humidity tend to increase oil production while cooler weather can be harsh and drying. Consult your skin therapist quarterly to adjust your cleansing regime with the seasons. Book your complimentary Ella Baché skin consultation at your local salon here.

Forget your neck and décolletage.

This is some of the most delicate skin of all; the neck and the décolletage are especially prone to premature ageing. If you wear foundation, bronzer, or fake tan, chances are you’re blending it from your face down to your neck which makes cleansing here to remove it an absolute essential. And as we always encourage extending your skincare regime from your face down, ensuring the skin is as clean and purified as can be allows the products that follow to work their hardest.

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