The Skin Detoxifier

The Skin Detoxifier

We’ve tried a plethora of dietary cleanses but with your skin the largest organ of them all its time to include a weekly complexion detox.

Ella Baché have you covered for a beautifying glow, we look into the week long detox that includes cleansing, facials, serums and D.I.Y steaming sessions...

Defined and Refined

A Skin Detoxifier is a simple yet rewarding process of removing daily pollutants and impurities from the skin.  A skin detox should be a requisite of every woman’s skin care ritual. When your complexion becomes overloaded with toxins it begins to look lacklustre and dull; more often than not, fine lines, wrinkles, acne and blackheads forming. This is where the refining comes in – the beginning of your week long detoxifier that will leave your complexion smoothed, radiant and blemish free.


Four to Six weeks

Although the detox begins with one week let this be the beginning of an envious routine; once every four to six weeks, book yourself in for your signature facial. A facial provides a great foundation for healthy skin – with your therapist ensuring you receive a deeper, more thorough cleanse than you can provide at home.

NOTE | At the early stages of your Detox, you will see blemishes; this is a natural part of the process as the body rids itself of toxins absorbed in the skin. To keep the breakouts at bay - stay hydrated and maintain a healthy diet with an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables.


Twice a day

While cleansing should be a daily habit, you should favour certain products when undertaking your week long detox. The evening process should feature a cleanser with natural exfoliating grains that assist in the rejuvenating process while gently removing the toxin build up.

CULT FAVOURITE | Ella Baché Refining Exfoliating Gel, enriched with natural cranberry seeds,it gently removes dead skin cells to revitalise, brighten and smooth while the plant oils maintain and nourish moisture levels.


Twice a day

Infusing your complexion with a serum twice daily, leaves your skin ultra hydrated, radiant and smooth. Look for serums that contain Hyaluronic Acid, Antioxidants and Vitamin C. These powerhouse ingredients absorb immediately and correct specific skin conditions as they get closest to our skin cells.


Two to Three times per week

A thorough steaming session can be done in the comfort of your own home to emulsify the excess oil and dirt in the pores bringing them to the surface.

For DIY steaming apply a small amount of Ella Baché Huile Intex to your face, allow the shower to steam up to a comfortable temperature and then allow the excess moisture absorb your skin replenishing your complexion while the intex enriches your pores. Applying moisture rich skincare oils prior to steaming will bring out newer and plumper cells leaving skin softer and more hydrated.

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