The Skincare Powerhouse Routine That Will Have Your Make-Up Glowing

The Skincare Powerhouse Routine That Will Have Your Make-Up Glowing

Flawless make-up starts with a clean palette, and the only way you’re going to achieve this is with an effective cleanser, regular exfoliation, soothing serum and hydrating moisturiser. Each step is vital and as important as the next, building upon what will ultimately become your best base for applying make-up.

To the girl with the flawless make-up you know what I’m talking about, make-up will never settle as well on dry, lacklustre skin as it does on skin that is smooth, clear and glowing. There is no amount of primer or contouring that will disguise unhealthy skin and luckily for you Ella Baché HQ have mapped out a powerhouse routine to give you that perfect blank canvas - and who knows stick to the routine and you may realise you actually need less make-up then you originally thought.


A good, non invasive cleanser will wipe skin of any dirt, oils and make-up, clearing the surface of any impurities or blemishes that could potentially disrupt the application of make-up. For the truly dedicated, and here at Ella Baché, we recommend a double cleanse because it is the best possible way to ensure you have a clean canvas. Begin with a make-up cleanser such as Ella Baché radiance make-up remover followed by your tailored cleanser, this ensuring you have removed impurities and also treated your skins’ specific needs.


When it comes to the skin’s texture exfoliating wins hands down, a weekly scrub will see your skin clean of dead skin cells, blocked pores and blemishes. A highly effective exfoliator leaves your skin almost instantly radiant and revitalised. Smooth, soft and blemish free skin; all the things needed for that no make-up, make-up look.

Ella Baché’s Refining Exfoliating Gel (with gentle cranberry seeds) manually revitalises, brighten and smoothes skin for a radiant complexion.


The product everybody is talking about, serums are one of the most effective treats for your skin.If you’re looking for something to keep your skin hydrated and smooth then serums are perfect for you! Serums leave your make-up looking natural and even with its hydrating properties, your skin feeling nourished morning to night.

Ella Baché recommends; Hydra Hyaluronic Cellular Serum leaving your skin healthy, radiant and visibly smooth.


Crucial for the no make-up - make-up look, dehydrated skin is the first to show signs of flaky foundation. Opt for a moisturiser with hydrating properties and SPF that plumps the skin and allows your make up to sit comfortably on the surface.

Ella Baché recommends; Hydra Revitalising Crème de la crème – a rich ultra comforting and plumping moisturusing cream that guards against environmental conditions protecting the skin leaving it glowing with vitality.


The holy grail of make-up application, primer gives your make-up staying power, radiance and a luminous glow. The right primer will hydrate your skin with added dewiness and hold it in place for longer, the one step you do not want to miss when it comes to your pre make-up routine.

Ella Baché recommends the radiance c antioxidant defensive mist to protect your skin from pollution, smoke and any other environment agressors, complementing your make-up with a natural healthy glow.

So if you find your make-up looking increasingly lacklustre, or it just isn’t doing the same job it used to, apply a skincare routine and spoil yourself with regular treatments. In the long run you may see that you don’t need that make-up after all!

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