Your Brightening Routine

Your Brightening Routine

Everlasting luminosity takes the cake as the most coveted skin goal of all, with women and men of all ages going to great lengths just to gain a little glow. Thing is, we don't want to fake the big “glow”. Verdict is that we all want the real deal in skin illumination - no foil-finish here thanks.

So it’s out with our quick-fix cosmetic cousins, and in with highly effective (and eagerly awaited) skin brightening essentials that don't fade or wash away. We're taking "natural glow" to a whole other level and we've got the game-changing skincare tricks you need to really ramp up the radiance.


Moisture is essential to a prismatic complexion and no reliable radiance routine is complete without adequate water intake. Committing to your two litres per day will positively saturate skin from within and replenish moisture loss.The trick is to couple your eight cups with encapsulating skincare to retain moisture, plump and even counterbalance your bad habits by helping to flush away toxins.

The NEW Neobright Correcting Day and Night Cream’s are ideal for locking in an ocean of youthful-dewiness with targeted actives that brighten skin tone, correct hyper-pigmentation and improve radiance. So pair your skincare with a tall glass of glossy skin to gain a glass-like glow with every sip.

TIP: Truly luminous skin is synergistic of a healthy lifestyle, optimum hydration and cutting edge skincare, so take the road to radiance with a reliable routine that includes all three.


In the biz, we're always dabbling in the latest and greatest in glow-garnering goodness, but the truth is that nothing beats the power of a good old skin polish.

"Exfoliate to illuminate" is our motto and your ticket to a younger, more radiant complexion. So if you want results, then that outer layer of radiance-robbing debris needs to go - on the reg.
If you can get past the rough, pigmented edging, you'll find a sea of luminosity circulating beneath, just waiting to surface. Not only will skin be obviously smoother and more unified, but exfoliation actually promotes microcirculation for a natural, rosy-glow.

For amplified brightness, take it to the next level with a seasonal course of microdermabrasion to significantly smooth, retexurise and illuminate. Available at our high performance salons exclusively, our most advanced method of skin resurfacing is key to transforming the complexion at any age.


It’s skin brightening basics 101; skincare controls your complexion, so if you want megawatt radiance, re-wire your routine with Neobright - an entire skincare category designed to drastically brighten, perfect and illuminate. Brimming with ultra-luminising actives like Australian Kakadu Plum, Vitamin C, enzymes and blended AHAs, dull skin doesn’t stand a chance against our most famed radiance range.

The easiest way to illuminate your complexion, is to incorporate Neobright Correcting Serum into your current routine. This super potent serum delivers double the dose of enlightening actives to the deepest layers of the skin for optimum effect at a cellular level.

Use in conjunction with the highly concentrated Neobright Radiance C Ampoule Set for ultimate illumination - likened to “facial fireworks” by some of the industries most esteemed beauty insiders for their unrivalled ability to lighten up any complexion.

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