Meet Gillian Tandy, the owner of Ella Baché Glenbrook and Ella Baché Springwood

Meet Gillian Tandy, the owner of Ella Baché Glenbrook and Ella Baché Springwood

Gillian Tandy, owner of Ella Baché Springwood, and now Glenbrook has been a part of the Ella Baché family since 2004 when she enrolled into Ella Baché’s College of Beauty.

Passionate about skincare, and ready to make her dream a reality, Gillian, a mum of four decided she was going to turn her passion into a career, and today, she has done just that. Gillian’s dedication to her craft and love of skin and advanced product formulations go much deeper than surface levels, as she is committed to giving her community the confidence to love the skin they’re in.

Gillian shared her journey and how her love of skin and beauty saw her celebrate the opening of her second salon, Ella Baché Glenbrook.

When did your love for skin and beauty begin?

My passion has been a lifetime of love as when I was younger, I wasn’t particularly confident in my skin and suffered from redness and pigmentation. This is when I began to deep dive into the science behind the skin and found myself enrolling into the Ella Baché College of Beauty Therapy. There were many reasons I chose Ella Baché, and today they still stand true, for me, it’s all about quality, efficacy, and creating confidence in the knowledge of skincare.

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What are you most proud of since opening both Salons?

I love providing results driven skincare and treatments, and, over the years have built a tight knit community of clients that come to me when they need an individualised Skin Solution. My next biggest achievement is now celebrating the opening of Ella Baché Glenbrook, having two thriving salons has been a dream come true. But all of this, wouldn’t have been possible without my team of dedicated Therapists – they are experts in their field and are completely committed to all our clientele.

What is your one piece of advice when opening your own salon?

Learn and absorb everything and when you decide to commit, you need to give it 100%. Before owning Ella Baché Springwood, I started out as a casual, and slowly took on more opportunity – it all started as a dream and was something that I worked very hard for. You can be a great therapist, but you also need to have a deep understanding of what goes on behind the scenes, that can come down to managing therapists, keeping on-top of training and business processes. The best bit about venturing into a franchise salon, is that you are offered support throughout the whole process, and have a dedicated team of experts to ensure you are successfully thriving within the business.

What do you love most about being part of the Ella Baché network?

For me, it’s the history, the quality of the products, the love for skincare, and educating people to feel confident in their own skin. Being a part of the network, you receive on-going support; they are always there to help.

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Lastly, what’s next for you and Ella Baché?

We are in a big growth phase at the moment, so working on growing Ella Baché Glenbrook & continuing to nurture & grow Ella Bache in Springwood. Being able to offer these services to a wider community has been an amazing opportunity and something I am incredibly focused on.

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