You Don't Need a Beauty Background to Partner with Ella Baché

You Don't Need a Beauty Background to Partner with Ella Baché

Did you know that you can open an Ella Baché salon without having a background in the beauty industry?
All you need in order to succeed is passion! No matter what industry you’ve been in previously, the skills you’ve gained from work or study will most likely prove to be beneficial on the road to becoming a franchisee.

We asked Mandy Kaur from Ella Baché Doncaster what inspired her to follow her dream.

She continues;

"Having no prior experience in the industry I was determined to learn on the job by understanding the ins and outs of this new found career.

Now in my second year of trading I have built an outstanding team who are passionate, loyal and dedicated with my past experience in management and finance allowing me to understand the business structure and future growth.

Being a part of the Ella Baché brand has been a very successful and profitable dream come true, allowing me to follow a passion and learn along the way."

With drive, passion and a strong brand you’ll be sure to succeed. And just like Mandy, you’ll be able to migrate your previous experience and skill set into your new business. Perhaps you have great people skills, have worked in customer service, or are used to handling money? A background in communication, sales or management would be very useful too. With our extensive program you don’t need a lot of business experience to open up an Ella Baché salon. It includes everything you need when it comes to your salon owner and manager coaching, and for when you need some extra support we’ll be right by your side. We’ll help you with ongoing marketing both nationally and locally, as well as your business development and training.

But why choose to partner with Ella Baché and become a franchise owner? The number one reason from existing Ella Baché franchisees is something most agree with; the flexibility.
Finding a perfect work life balance, spending time with family, and having the ability to travel are the main reasons franchise owners open their business. Flexibility is key. Not only does it inspire success, but when you juggle work and life that effortlessly you get an overwhelming feeling of pride and a belief that you can do even better.

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