Balancing The PH Levels In Your Skin

The idea of being PH balanced has become a trend in society with a plethora of magazines, health food shops and skin cleansing commercials featuring the golden words. But what does being ‘PH Balanced’ mean and how does it apply to your complexion?

Your PH level is the acidic or alkaline level of your skin or more commonly known as your Acid Mantle; a very fine film of protectant that acts as a barrier and ensures that your skin is not without essential nutrients, vitamins or minerals. When your acid mantle is damaged and your PH levels are imbalanced you will begin to notice indications such as dry flaky patches, excess oil production, acne and even potential signs of premature ageing.

When it comes to the balance of PH levels trust your trained eye, does your complexion look radiant and smooth or lacklustre and dull?

Ella Baché’s PH balancing skin solution aims to regulate the PH levels of the skin, which in turn will see an improvement in moisture retention, along with redness and irritation in the skin. In combination with a healthy, balanced diet and lifestyle, our solution aims to regulate your PH levels so that your skin’s protective barrier remains strong and can fight chemicals and irritants.

TRY Ella Baché Emulsion Tomate designed to rebuild and strengthen the acid mantle from the natural concentration of vitamins and minerals derived from Vitamin C. Products containing tomato extract assist in softening, purifying and clarifying the complexion as well as restoring the natural PH levels in your skin.

The Beauty of Balance

When balancing your PH levels it is just as important to take care of what you are putting in your body, the skin is our largest organ and when something is wrong internally your complexion will be the first to show signs. It’s true that our bodies know intuitively where the balance lies, and they can maintain the balance on their own with the added assistance of a healthy diet and nutritional supplements.

PH is a helpful indicator of overall balance in your body. That said, everything must be in moderation, no amount of trendy drinks and expensive skincare will assist you unless you know the core of the problem. Adapt a strong skincare routine and make some changes to your lifestyle, continue to listen to your body and with the help of a trained skincare therapist you will find the balance in the form of a glowing complexion.

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