Our CEO's Top Skincare Picks - 5 Minutes With Pippa Hallas

Our CEO's Top Skincare Picks - 5 Minutes With Pippa Hallas
There’s no denying the advantages one would receive when working for a skincare company that has products which are arguably one of the best on the market. We talk to Pippa Hallas CEO of Ella Baché on her skin care routine. With her products changing from season to season this summer she concentrates on hydrating and plumping the skin just in time for that Australian sun to hit!

Floral Oil

This is my absolute must have all year round. Floral Oil is enriched with oils of geranium, jasmine rose, ylang ylang, patchouli and rose wood, it leaves my skin feeling pampered and velvety. A product I use daily whether it is to cleanse off my makeup, wash away impurities from the grind of day to day or to simply wind down with a bath, I know this oil will have me feeling refreshed.


Resurfacing Peel

Our newest product to hit the market, this peel refines the skins texture and diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and pigmentation spots. It has a pore refining effect that will help even the appearance of your complexion. A product I use once weekly for a one month basis, I then follow up with an Ella Baché Fruit Enzyme exfoliant twice weekly to maintain my complexion.

*When doing a monthly course of the Resurfacing Peel increase your SPF usage as your skin will appear delicate when exposed to UV

Resurfacing Peel


As a follow up from my Resurfacing Peel I like to put as much hydration back into my skin as possible. Not only will it hydrate, this product is designed for skin that has spent years under the Australian sun. The Crème Green Lift is a powerhouse super food for the skin which delivers vitamins and minerals that restore health and hydration back into the epidermis while minimising the first signs of ageing. Who can say no to a product that promotes the strengthening of collagen and elastin,
bring on that vibrant glow!


With our skin changing seasonally Ella Baché encourage you to visit one of our salons for a skin diagnosis to maintain a healthy glow ensuring your skin is getting the right products it so deservingly needs!

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