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Welcome to Ella Baché Perth. Known in the industry as the "Skincare Experts", we believe that successful skincare prescriptions come from our Beauty Therapists thorough knowledge and understanding of the skin.

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Welcome to Ella Baché Perth. Known in the industry as the "Skincare Experts", we believe that successful skincare prescriptions come from our Beauty Therapists thorough knowledge and understanding of the skin.

Skin Solutions

Ella Baché Australia is a proud family-run business created by Madame Baché in Paris, 1936 – a revolutionary cosmeticvchemist who believed just as we are genetically different, the same holds true of our skin. Her skincare philosophy wasvbased on the belief that because “no two skins are alike, every client’s skin is uniquely individual.


At Ella Baché, we’re committed to helping every individual feel confident in their skin. We do this by empowering you to without the harm.

We champion this knowledge and expertise through our Skin Therapists who are trained and committed to achieving results. for individual skin needs.


Through consultation, industry and medical recommendation, Ella Baché advise a 48 hour window prior and post any COVID-19 vaccination to having any beauty / skincare treatment. Microneedling services are not recommended 48 hours prior to COVID-19 vaccination and after a minimum 4 weeks, however ideally 8 weeks, post any COVID-19 vaccination. We are committed to the wellness of our clients at all times and appreciate your understanding with these recommendations.


Enhance the eye contour with a professional eyelash or brow tint, eyelash extension or brow shape.

Brow Feathering

Full Brow 1h 45min $390

Retouch 45min $150

Each strand is intricately etched in colour into the skin to mimic natural brow hair and can be personalised for a subtle colour, or a complete arch remodel.

Brow Henna 

Full Brow $75

Semi-permanent eyebrow pigmentation using Henna to achieve a natural and fuller-looking brow. 

Brow Henna 

Retouch $50

Semi-permanent eyebrow pigmentation using Henna to achieve a natural and fuller-looking brow.

Brow Lamination


Brow Tint

15min $25

Lash Tint

15min $30

Lash and Brow Tint

15min $55

Eyebrow Reshape

15min $30

30min $50

Lash Lift

45min $75

Lash Lift & Tint

45min $105

Lift lashes from the roots using a combination of silicone moulds and memory solution for a flattering, semi-permanent curve.  

Eyelash Extensions

High-quality faux eyelash extensions are individually applied to enhance the natural lash-line. For optimum results, we recommend infills every 2-3 weeks.

Half set - natural 45min $99

Full set - volume 1h $179

Full set - dramatic 1h 30min $199

Infill 45min $99

Lash extension removal 15min $39

Body Treatments

Experience the ultimate full body rejuvenation with an individualised body treatment for tailored results.

Body Exfoliation 

Earth Enzyme  

30min $75 

Dramatically soften and refine skin texture with a full body smoothing exfoliation treatment. Features our deeply nourishing Honey Almond Balm or active Earth Enzyme Body Exfoliant.

Honey Almond

30min $75 

Nourishing honey and crushed almonds gently exfoliate, leaving skin soft and supple. Perfect for dry and dehydrated skin.


30min $69

1h $110

1h 30min $140

A deeply relaxing body massage that eases tension, soothes aching muscles and restores balance.

Back Detox

30min $75

A deep cleansing back treatment designed to eliminate impurities, re-balance and smooth for silky soft skin.

Hot Stone Massage

30min $70

1h $110

1h 30min $150

A full body massage using thermal volcanic rocks to manipulates soft tissue and soothe tired, aching muscles at a deeper level. 

Facial Treatments

Your skin constantly changes. Environmental influences, age, diet, stress and hormones are just a few of the factors that can affect how your skin functions. That’s why Ella Baché has created tailored Facial Treatments to target specific skin concerns. Each combines a series of products prescribed to achieve a desired result for the skin. For maximum skin results, a home solution will be specifically designed for your individual needs.

Brighten Me Up

1h $139

Brighten, hydrate and give skin a radiant glow with this potent NeoBright Facial Treatment. Kakadu Plum, Vitamin C and Papain Protein resurfacing enzymes work to unify the complexion and reduce the appearance of dark spots associated with pigmentation. Skin is smoothed, radiant and protected from free-radicals.

Brighten Me Up, with IPL

1h $189

High Performance skin brightening with IPL technology to boost cellular turnover and reduce the appearance of pigmentation.

Clear My Complexion

1h  $139

An invigorating Facial Treatment ideal for those experiencing toxin build up and blemishes. Our even-complexion massage drains toxins and improves circulation, while specialised active ingredients refresh and oxygenate to reduce inflammation and re-balance.

Find My Balance

45min $80

Calm and soothe weak and damaged skin, and improve moisture retention by restoring pH balance. A comforting Facial Treatment designed to repair the acid mantle. Ideal for re-balancing the skin between changing seasons. 

Give Me Strength

1h  $139

Promote skin strength, resilience and calm with a deeply soothing SensiBeautics Facial Treatment. Designed to support delicate skin experiencing stress, sensitivity, and inflammation. 

Help Me Hydrate

1h  $149

An intensive moisturising facial treatment that saturates dehydrated and extremely dry skin with hyaluronic acid to visibly refine and revive skin texture and hydration. Immerse yourself in a specialised massage prescribed according to your skin's condition finishing with the Extreme Regeneration Mask for an ultra-hydrated, instantly brighter smoothed complexion.

Kick Start My Collagen, with IPL

1h $199

High performance skin rejuvenation with IPL technology targets fine lines, wrinkles and loss of firmness for maximum skin results. Skin immediately feels firmer, lifted, smoothed and rejuvenated.

Reveal My Good Side, with Micro

45min $99

1h $119

A High Performance deeply refining Facial Treatment that combines the power of resurfacing ingredients and microdermabrasion.


1h $110

Improve your skin’s health and condition with the facial that made us famous. An individualised Facial Treatment tailored to suit your needs that leaves skin radiant and healthy. Treatment includes a professional Skin Diagnosis, double cleanse, vapor, exfoliation, massage, mask, moisture protective and sun protection.

Sort My Skin 

30min $60

Target problem skin experiencing congestion and inflammation. Deep cleansing and extra-purifying action helps to smooth skin texture, minimise harmful bacteria and control excess oil for a fresh, healthy complexion. Ideal for young and adult skin. 

Stop The Clock 

1h $159

An invigorating treatment delivering clarity and visible lifting results. Spirulina, rich in 220 life-essential elements, targets fine lines and restores elasticity. Encapsulated menthol in the lift-off mask intensely tones, tightens and brightens. Skin is visibly smoothed and re-charged.

Turn Back Time

1h $149, 1h 15min $169

For youthful-looking skin that is lifted, smoothed and sculpted. This luxurious, intensely volumising Eternal+ Facial Treatment features age-defying serum, an exclusive toning massage technqiue and a smoothing Morpho-Mask with Caviar to firm, tone, plump, restore density and restructure the skin. 

Facial Treatment Boosters

Upgrade your facial with one or more treatment boosters to maximise results.

Signature Facial Boosters


Tailor and enhance the results of a Signature Facial by adding a hydration, protection or firming booster.

AHA Resurfing Peel 26%


Revive the complexion with an intensive blend of AHA ingredients that help to stimulate cell renewal, smooth skin texture and diminish the appearance of lines and pigmentation.

Radiance Intensive Eye Mask


An intensive, anti-ageing eye treatment mask that targets puffiness, dark circles and fine lines for a brighter, more refined eye contour.

Intensive Extreme Regeneration Mask 


An adhesive fibre mask laced with Bio-Cellulose and hyaluronic acid to instantly boost hydration levels, accelerate cellular turnover and restore radiance.

Firming Neck & Decolletage Mask


A rejuvenating, lifting and firming treatment specifically for the neck and décolleté using our Eternal+ Smoothing Morpho Mask with Caviar Extract.

Great Tanning

Spray Tan

15min $50

Our professional airbrush tan application is enriched with moisturising properties to provide an immediate bronze tint. Dries instantly and develops into a natural golden tan in as
little as 2 hours.

Hands & Feet

Complement any service with a rejuvenating hand or foot treatment.


15min $50

A personalised exfoliation treatment using either Earth Enzyme Exfoliant or Honey Almond Balm to smooth hands or feet.

Treatment Mask 

15min $35

Hand or Foot Treatment 

30min $55

Combine a personalised exfoliation treatment and detoxifying thermal mud mask for the ultimate in hand and foot rejuvenation.

Manicure & Pedicure

High Speed Manicure

30min $55

Just the thing for instantly great nails. Includes nail shape, buff and polish.

High Speed Pedicure 

30min $65

Just the thing for instantly great nails. Includes nail shape, buff and polish.

Deluxe Manicure 

45min $85

The premium in manicure grooming includes a nail shape, cuticle care, exfoliation, relaxation hand massage and polish application.

Deluxe Pedicure 

1h $99

Essential to refined feet includes a soothing foot bath, heel loofah, exfoliation, nail care, relaxation foot massage and polish application.

Gel Polish - Application - Hands

45min $75

Gel Polish - Application - Feet

45min $85

Gel Polish - Removal & Application

45min $75

Gel Polish - Removal 

15min $35

Signature Packages

Experience the ultimate full-body rejuvenation with an individualised body treatment for tailored results.


30min | $75, 1h | $110, 1h 30min | $140

A deeply relaxing Swedish massage technique that eases tension, relives aching muscles and restores balance. Includes a combination of soothing effleurage, deep kneading and tapotement to improve circulation, eliminate toxins and promote overall wellbeing.

Full Body Exfoliation

30min | $75

Dramatically soften and refine skin texture with a full-body smoothing exfoliation treatment. Features our deeply nourishing Honey Almond Balm or active Earth Enzyme Body Exfoliant.

Deep Cleansing Back Treatment

30min | $75

An intensely purifying treatment targeted to the back and shoulders including deep cleansing, exfoliation, vapour and treatment mask. Eliminates impurities, rebalances and helps to clear blemishes.

Tailored Gift Packages

From just over an hour to an indulgent escape, choose from our Signature Collection range, or allow our Skin Therapists to tailor an individualised treatment package to suit you or your loved ones. Gift Vouchers available. See your Skin Therapist for details.


1h 15min | $129

Restore skin with a comforting 45 minute Rebalance Facial Treatment, partnered with a 30 minute relaxation back massage to soothe and unwind.


2h | $199

Rejuvenate with our iconic 1 hour Signature Facial Treatment, 30 minute relaxation back massage and 30 minute body exfoliation treatment


2h 30min | $299

Experience a luxuriously hydrating specialty Facial Treatment combined with a Radiance Eye Mask, includes a 1 hour full-body massage and a 30 minute body exfoliation for the ultimate full-body experience.

Waxing & Hair Reduction

Our waxing treatments are performed using the highest Ella Baché quality wax. In accordance with strict hygiene standards, we do not recycle our wax or double-dip implements

Waxing for Her 

Full Legs


3/4 Legs


Lower Legs








Brazilian (1st Visit)


Brazilian (Follow up)




Full arms 


Half arms 


Stomach line


Lip or Chin


Face (Incl.lip & brow)


Waxing for Him

Full back


Full Leg


Half Leg


Half back


Chest or stomach








Full arm


Special Offers

Reawaken My Rejuvenation

30min | $85

Rejuvenate skin tone, texture and radiance with this advanced treatment featuring a highly concentrated and supercharged Retinol Treatment Mask, formulated with 1% Encapsulated Retinol.

Double the Power

1h | $120

Microdermabrasion Facial with LED Booster


1h 30min | $160

Reveal My Good Side with Micro Facial, Relaxation Massage 30min


1h 45min | $199

Turn Back Time Facial, LED Booster, Relaxation Massage 30min