Pre & Post Tan


  1. For best results allow 24 hours after waxing and IPL before your Spray Tan
  2. Ensure skin is clean, dry and exfoliated before your tan using Ella Bache’s Gentle Enzyme Smoothing Body Exfoliant
  3. Wear loose fitting clothing, dark in colour to avoid tan staining clothes
  4. Avoid wearing perfume, deodorant and make up where possible


After care:

  1. Leave tan on for 6-8 hours or as recommended by your Therapist
  2. For the first shower, rinse with water only. Then wash with a body cleansing oil to keep the skin hydrated and keep the tan looking its best for longer. We recommend Ella Baché Floral Oil Face and Body Cleansing Oil
  3. You can extend the life of your spray tan by layering the Great Tan Without Sun on day 3 for extra depth of colour and a longer lasting tan
  4. Use Great Facetan Without Sun to get a natural, flawless tan on the face to blend with the body.
  5. Moisturise daily
  6. After 5-7 days thoroughly exfoliate the skin to remove tan residue before re-application.

  • Remember Tanning products do not contain sun protection so apply sunscreen before exposure to the sun.
  • * Did you know that your tan lasts longer when the skin is well hydrated? As your tan wears off, it fades seamlessly rather than if the skin was dry, which can lead to a patchy tan. Applying Ella Baché Water Source Moisturising Body Cream 1-2 times per day to keep your skin nourished and hydrated.