BOLD Women - Aisha Jade

BOLD Women - Aisha Jade

In the latest instalment of our BOLD Women story, we sat down with Designer and Actress Aisha Jade to talk all things skin and bold. With her laid-back approach to life and effortless coastal style, Aisha is the epitome of less is more which she brings to life in her label Boy By Her. Following the golden nuggets in life, Aisha’s warmth and kindness shines through everything she does, inspiring her loyal followers to live slower, be kind and think consciously. As one of the faces for our 2022 #myskinloves campaign, Aisha knows a thing or two about what keeps her skin glowing and shares her top tips with us here.

Can you tell us a little bit about your skin story?

My skin tone is a reflection of my indigenous background. I’m part Maori, Jamaican, English and Scottish, a real mix! These freckles on my face are parts of my mum and my gran, my cousins and my aunties. We’ve all got them so to me that’s what makes us, us. Having freckles and being darker, I tend to work with pigmentation. There’s the right pigmentation and the wrong pigmentation so that’s my daily skin journey. I feel like as I get older I’m more comfortable in skin being skin, I focus on brightening and hydrating it, doing all the things we can to make sure I’m naturally shining.

Having the guts to be bold, to step out, and to own your career journey is something we admire about our ‘Bold Women’. Can you tell us about your Bold Career?

I had a great childhood in NZ, surrounded by loving supportive energy, I was raised to believe that whatever I chose to do and whatever I put my mind to, I could do. It gave me the confidence to jump into new things like my television journey at 22, this was an incredible experience and it opened the doors for me to be able to work with some amazing brands over time - Brands that I have loved since I was a little girl. I really found my feet in fashion and styling and was able to embrace and execute my own style in my own unique way. All of that then led me to having the confidence to start my own label and try my hand at acting while I was living in LA.

BOYBYHER represents exactly how I felt when was I growing up. I grew up being one of the boys, but I was also one of the girls. I was sporty and maybe a bit of a tomboy, but I was also very feminine and embraced that beauty at the same time so it gave me a really nice balance to create every collection that has been created. It’s been a side hustle until now but as I grow, my brand grows and my creativity grows. I’m really excited to put more time, attention and love into the brand this year.

How do you maintain fresh glowing skin with your busy day-to-day life?

I drink lots of water, I know it seems like such a basic answer but I always BYO water. (People laugh at me for always having my huge bottle) For me if I really consciously think about the benefits of staying hydrated when I’m drinking it, I feel more connected to what it’s doing from the inside and I feel it shines through a little bit more. Also just generally eating the rainbow, getting lots of sleep and laughing with your people who allow your heart to smile does wonders!

You’ve recently experienced our Reawaken My Rejuvenation Facial and have been using our Retinol Night Treatment Serum. Can you tell us about your experience?

Oh my gosh, I have to say this was one of the best facials I have had in years, super hydrating and the facial massage part was out of this world. I think I even nodded off! I have enjoyed seeing the resurfacing and brightening effects of using the Retinol since, I currently use it every third night
- It’s been a welcomed addition to my routine.

What has given you the confidence to love the skin you’re in?

I guess because it’s mine, and no-one will ever get the chance to wear and love it like I can in this lifetime. Confidence comes from time, and an understanding that everyone goes through good times and bad times with their skin journey. As I’ve gotten older I’ve realised there’s no one noticing the flaws in your skin more than you. - Be kind.

What has been the most significant element in building your tribe?

For me I’m very receptive to people’s energy. As you get older you are more aware of how people make you feel. As you leave the room from that person, do you feel more inspired or do you feel weighed down? It’s very important for me to find supportive, encouraging people who like to dream as big as me, if not bigger. Kindness is also my biggest thing, if you gravitate to the ones who show you kindness and loyalty that will take you far in life.

Have there been pivotal moments where you’ve had to push yourself out of your comfort zone and if so, how do you deal with that?

Day to day life we’re brave. When faced with something out of my comfort zone, I get a feeling in my stomach that feels like fear at first but it is not. When I really address it and face it, I know there’s greatness on the other side. There’s always butterflies and nervousness and I use that as a cue to follow that feeling to the other side.

What does being BOLD mean to you?

I believe that being bold is in your everyday choices, you can be bold in deciding to wear the bright patterned shirt that maybe not everyone would wear, It can be telling that woman across the room that her outfit or her energy is amazing, it can be in showing kindness to the stranger at the coffee shop. Every day those bold choices add up so that when it comes time to make those big bold choices you back yourself. Boldness is a daily choice

What’s the boldest decision you’ve made

I’ve made some bold moves in my time, the boldest is probably leaving my home country when I was barely 18. I just wanted to experience life and moved to Australia on my own, then went onto moving to LA 5 years after that. I am honoured to have met and loved some amazing people all around the world from my time of traveling and living overseas. On the back end of last few years that we have all had as a collective, I’m so grateful for those bold decisions I made all that time ago, it took me far away from home which wasn’t always easy but it gave me the rest of the world as well. I’ll forever be grateful for that.

Lastly, what BOLD moves have you got planned for 2022?

I think it will be quite bold to jump on a plane again! Haha it’s hard to know what each year will actually bring but I know 2022 will be a bold year, it will be the year I turn 30, it will be the year I feel more myself than ever before, and it will be the year I say “yes” to more.

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